A Cowboy's Strength - Vicki Lewis Thompson

A Cowboy's Strength

By Vicki Lewis Thompson

  • Release Date: 2017-03-02
  • Genre: Western
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 661 Ratings)


When friendship ends, passion begins...

A steamy cowboy romance from the NYT bestselling author who brought you the Buckskin Brotherhood series.

Zane McGavin is fit to be tied. His childhood friend Mandy Fielding has waltzed into town and announced she’s moving her mother to New York. Never mind that her mom loves Eagles Nest, Montana and would be miserable in the big city. He’s determined to talk Mandy into seeing reason but his plan backfires and he ends up kissing her instead.

Mandy has a few choice words for Zane McGavin and his opinions. She expected him to support her plan but instead he’s crossing her at every turn…and looking too damned sexy doing it. When did her former playmate turn into a gorgeous cowboy? And why does he have to kiss better than any man she’s ever met?

She’s convinced she knows what’s best. So is he. Will they both lose in this battle of wills?

Saddle up for the first book in the popular McGavin Brothers series. If you like sexy cowboys, charming small towns and laugh-out-loud adventures, you’ll love A Cowboy's Strength. Pick up your copy today!

A Cowboy's Strength (Book 1)
A Cowboy's Honor (Book 2)
A Cowboy's Return (Book 3)
A Cowboy’s Heart (Book 4)
A Cowboy’s Courage (Book 5)
A Cowboy’s Christmas (Book 6)
A Cowboy’s Kiss (Book 7)
A Cowboy’s Luck (Book 8)
A Cowboy’s Charm (Book 9)
A Cowboy’s Challenge (Book 10)
A Cowboy’s Baby (Book 11)
A Cowboy’s Holiday (Book 12)
A Cowboy’s Choice (Book 13)
A Cowboy’s Worth (Book 14)
A Cowboy’s Destiny (Book 15)
A Cowboy’s Secret (Book 16)
A Cowboy’s Homecoming (Book 17)


  • A Cowboy’s Strength

    By Tiggy/Cookie
    This is the second book I have read by this author. Absolutely loved the first, not so much this one. Too much sex and too descriptive. I would have enjoyed the story much more without it. Liked the characters and the storyline though. It is a series useing brothers and their mother who run a ranch and the women that each will choose to spend their life with.
  • Great read

    By MSJ1998
  • Spoiled Brat

    By 11tms69
    Sorry, I couldn’t get passed pad 117. Mandy was too much. A spoiled brat, who wants everything her way, without considering others. I could ot het passed it.
  • A cowboy streigther

    By tTerry F
    I like very much this book Very romantic I like it
  • Feel good, happy ending

    By Gobraves- he's out!
    This book may not have been one I couldn’t put down, but it was an easy read and it was a great story. I appreciated the layers of family that kept it from being all about the couple too. Also, who can be upset with a cheesy, romantic, happy ending?
  • cowboys strength

    By rjbor
    Excellent Kept my interest, loved the story. Thank You
  • A Cowboy’s Strength

    By sbsbrinson
    Sweet, sad at times, but very sweet and sexy story! Loved the dynamics of the story and the pure sweetness of Zane!
  • Nice

    By Stanhop3234
    Good second chance romance and over coming a bad history left behind.
  • Enjoyable read. Can't wait to see what the other McGavins get up to.

    By Jaymy M.
    We can all do with a Zane McGavin in our lives. Really enjoyed getting to know this cowboy… and his best friend Mandy. Not everyone can say they’ve know their best friend since they were both three, but Zane and Mandy can. Of corse when that BFF hightails it out of town, only breezing through for a few days at a time to sew her mama before jetting back to NYC, cutting all ties for 10 years, it’s hard to call ‘em friend. That’s what Mandy did. This book picks up with Zane rescuing her from the side of the road, where she’s struggling to get the lug nuts off so she can change the flat. She’s only back in Montana for a week to help her mom pack up her life and sell their home. But, instead of moving into town, Mandy wants her mom to leave her life in Montana and move to NYC with her. A spirited disagreement between Zane and Mandy and revisiting old haunts with Zane, seeing him fulfilling his dream of rehabing injured winged creatures, causes friction… of the nicest variety. A bit strange thinking of your old friend as more than a pal? Yes. This is one of my favorite romance types… friends to more. But with Mandy dead set on running from bad memories of her father’s deceit and rejection, which demands she live in the big city, Zane very much entrenched in the family business and his raptor rescue, there are big odds to overcome before they can consider a lasting relationship… or even one at all since moving her mom would completely cut her off from even having any further contact with Montana. Enjoyable read. Nice intro to a new series. Can’t wait to see what Cody and the other McGavins get up to. Can’t help but fall a little under his charm upon meeting him in Zane and Mandy’s book. Received am ARC for am Honest Review.
  • New Cowboy Series! HOT

    By kmmichels
    A new cowboy series from Vicki Lewis Thompson? Sign me up! Zane McGavin was an honorable and accepting cowboy who reunites with his best friend, Mandy, after 10 years apart. Mandy had a few demons to fight, but this was an amazing story about letting it go and moving on. The secondary characters are a hoot! and I can't wait to read about the next McGavin brother. I received this book from the author and left this review of my own accord. And why wouldn't I? It was awesome!