After Ever Happy - Anna Todd

After Ever Happy

By Anna Todd

  • Release Date: 2015-02-24
  • Genre: Erotic Romance
5 Score: 5 (From 1,094 Ratings)


Book Four of the After series—now newly revised and expanded, Anna Todd’s After fanfiction racked up 1 billion reads online and captivated readers across the globe. Experience the Internet’s most talked-about book for yourself! #HESSA


  • Totally recommend

    By Daphne226
    I couldn’t stop reading this series! I finished the Four Books in just two weeks! I’m a little sad that it’s ended but I’m excited for the movies.
  • I think this might be my favorite series of all time!

    By Kpass7
    This series completely captured my heart. Absolutely brilliant in so many ways. This last book in particular really resonated with me because of Tessa’s struggles with infertility. Although, I know it was fiction... I am someone who has battled with infertility for years so it was something very relatable to me. And I can’t say enough good things about this writer! I can’t wait to see more from her creative mind in the future, hopefully love stories as amazing as Tessa and Hardin’s!
  • Really!

    By Rache.ljuarez
    I’m a huge reader and when I saw the trailer for the movie I just had to read the series. Well, where do I begin. I couldn’t even get through the first book. I’m honestly really disappointed that this is as big as it is. I’ve read a lot of Wattpad books and I can’t believe that this is something that people are raving about when there are so many better books out there. The writing is terrible and it’s honestly a half fast younger copy of 50 Shades. The similarities between the books are surreal. I wasn’t a 50 Shades fan but at least I finished the first two. Both the main characters are annoying and there is absolutely no character development. It’s a really toxic relationship for both of them and god forbid that they don’t get into a fight every other chapter. I feel Tessa is so insecure about herself that she has to pick out everyone else’s flaws. This book should have stayed on Wattpad.
  • Yess

    By 🙂🙂🙂🖤🖤😍
    I TOTALLY recommend this BOOK!!! It’s amazing, beautiful, exquisite, lovely, wonderful, and so many more words that j am tooo lazy to write down!! LOL. Alright, it’s truly worth reading. Once you pick up the phone to read, you can’t seem to stop and you don’t want to. I would like if Anna would have written more about their future tho. But if you want to know some more about them you should read “Nothing Less” and “Nothing More” the Landon series. That’s he only thing!! Bedsides that I REALLY love this BOOK. I wouldn’t get stop of reading this. I would reread it over and over again. I told people that I know about this book and they say its amazing. They tell me how much they love it and how they just can’t wait to see it. So like I said before I TOTALLY recommend reading this. Tho book mad me laughing, cry, and feel so made different ways !!! 10/10 🖤💜 xoxo
  • The best ending

    By veronicadnda
    I love this book so much and how it shows character growth in the love story. They deserve everything. Love Hessa

    By after.mb.hessa
  • Loveeee

    By Becerra' s farm
    This last book went a little too fast at the end but I loved it like all the other ones. ITS AN AMZING STORY #HESSA
  • Just finished this last night

    By JackieOh6
    It was so great. I loved the ending. I cried and just fell so in love with who they had become. The characters really grew but also still had their same tendencies. I was sad to see it end. Kind of in a book depression now.
  • Gah! ❤️

    By Shma712
    I was so weird there for a second but I LOVED LOVED LOVED the ending. I'm balling right now. Beautiful!
  • Excellent ❤️❤️

    By CristalSweetnessAr
    I can't even explain on how good this book is, it's better than good actually! This book is just amazingly great!!!