Black Box - Cassia Leo

Black Box

By Cassia Leo

  • Release Date: 2014-03-10
  • Genre: Contemporary
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 80 Ratings)


"Thoughtful, real and raw" - Sinfully Sexy Books
"Unexpected, beautiful and will not be forgotten" - Winding Stairs Book Blog

From New York Times best selling author Cassia Leo comes an epic love story about rewriting destiny.

Three fateful encounters.... Two heart-breaking tragedies.... One last chance to get it right.

Mikki and Crush have crossed paths twice before, but they've never actually met. Their first encounter changed Mikki's life forever, but their second meeting left them both scarred from a violent attack.

Three years after the attack, Mikki and Crush both book a flight to Los Angeles to escape the memories of the past and expectations of their families. Crush plans to record a song he wrote for a girl he doesn't even know: Black Box. He's never felt his life had any purpose, until he meets Mikki in Terminal B.

When Mikki and Crush cross paths for the third time in Terminal B, neither has any idea who the other person is; until they slowly piece together their history and realize fate has more in store for them than just another love story.


  • No words

    By Princess Diva 01
    This book was amazing. I love that it was not the typical love story. Believe me this book is worth it
  • Very disappointed

    By Love tenten
    I read all of her books, however this was so bad I gave up in the middle.
  • Is it fate?

    By Annmric8
    A difficult subject matter to write about but Cassia did a beautiful job. I like how Cassia used love as a means to heal Mikki it was sweet. I liked how Crush was patient with Mikki by helping her take her time in feeling comfortable with showing affection. I am however confused by the meaning behind black box. I'm missing the significance behind that. The story about Crush's grandfather does not help bring meaning into the story for me. I do like the story and how it unfolds. I do wish Crush did not have money because then it would seem more realistic. The life of luxury does not need to be used as a means to bring them together. Of course money helps make life more comfortable I don't think is was a necessary factor in this story.
  • Error?!

    By Iwannaseetheworld
    I'm pretty angry. It said $.99 and wouldn't let me purchase it, and now it says $4.99. I tried for quite a while to purchase it, and it kept saying error. I guess I will not be buying this one.
  • Love the story

    By Hats13
    Loved the story about Mikki and Crush. Her youth filled with bullying and depression with thoughts of suicide. I would like to see this story continued as their fate is given more chances. Great book. I will recommend.
  • Wow

    By Babyv2014
    Wow did not expect that. One fateful night changed two lives and they didn't even realize it. Mikki and Crush when fate brings them back together they did not know it but as they found out little things about each other it clicked and now Mikki has to decide if she will stick with her plan or can Crush make her see that life is worth living and that they belong together.
  • Loved it!!!!♥️

    By jenhow
    I loved this book soooooo much! I would LOVE a continuation of their story!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
  • Great book

    By Snoopyvet
    Wow wasn't sure what to expect from this book as it's subject matter is tough subject but Cassia did a great job in writing a great book while helping people understand difficult stuff Thanks for sharing this with us
  • Love, Hope & More Love!!!

    By Researchmom
    I was grabbed by this story from the intro in another book and a blog. I could not wait for this story to be told! This story grips you with the emotions each character displays from the start. She has had a horrible youth filled with bullying, depression, mental health issues including thoughts of suicide. She is loved by her family, but they want to control her and medicate her...she hates feeling like a zombie & has given up on hope. Her chance meeting of Crush is that of fate as their story unfolds. My emotions are still all over the place because of the way he cared for her and ultimately loved her the way she needed. His grandfather's advice and relationship with him as a man has truly given him the characteristics of an amazing young man. Gosh, I want to know how things continue with them over the next 5-10 years. The third time is a charm with their chance encounter & I do feel that they have fought enough demons and fate can allow them to grow old and gray together. Love, love, love Cassia!!! The only issue is that the links at the beginning of the chapters are all the same and not as indicated in the playlist. PLEASE FIX!