Xcode Academy - Kevin Akers & Dustin Pack

Xcode Academy

By Kevin Akers & Dustin Pack

  • Release Date: 2013-07-17
  • Genre: Programming


Xcode Academy contains information and tutorials on how to work with Xcode and Objective-C to create apps for iPhone and iPad.  Our motivation to write this book came from buying expensive books that were outdated and mostly useless.  App Academy assumes you are a complete beginner and goes from there.  App Academy is designed to be used with the newest version of Xcode, which is the Mac program used to create iPhone and iPad Apps.

- 38 Tutorials and 11 articles in all!

- 7 Tutorials on using storyboards including: Creating Your First App, TableViews, Tab Bar Controllers, and more.

- 15 Tutorials that show you how to write code to: Create WebViews, Play Sound Files, Use PickerViews, Pass Data Between Views, Use Timers, and More

- 12 General Objective-C Tutorials

- 4 App Business Tutorials

- 11 Articles on running your own app business