Calculus 1 - Yatit Thakker

Calculus 1

By Yatit Thakker

  • Release Date: 2013-07-14
  • Genre: Calculus
4 Score: 4 (From 24 Ratings)


Calculus is known to be the highest level Mathematics course that most students are required to take at some point in their lives. This book approaches the concepts covered in Calculus in a very visual, yet challenging way. Like any college course, it is meant to challenge the reader and provide illustrative examples.

Topics covered include:
•A review of Trigonometry
•Advanced differentiation and rates of change
•Applications of derivatives in related rates, finance, and optimization
•Integrals with u-substitution and trigonometric substitution
•Applications of integrals in finding volumes and in basic Physics.

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  • :|

    By Jorge12342
    I hate calculus
  • a very clear and helpful review

    By Tom Jefferies
    This was probably one of the most helpful tools that I used for my calc class. It was clear, concise, and genuinely helped and guided me through difficult material. The interface was extremely innovative and user friendly, and the diagrams were very clear and informative. I will definitely use omninox in the future for other classes.
  • Helpful Overview

    By spong1990
    This guide was great as it helped in giving me a general overview of calculus instead of me reading a normal 1000+ page textbook. The interactive features were a nice touch, especially some of the 3D models. I wish there were answers supplied for the chapter problems so that I can at least check if my work was correct. Some of the formatting is also a bit off in some of the sections, so I hope they update it soon. The guide is cheap and gets the job done. Highly recommended if you're dumb like me in math.
  • Johnathan Cozinski

    By Troubled College Student
    I pretty much sucked at Calculus when I took it in high school. But using this guide for my college level Calculus class really helped me out. All the example problems and interactive images helped me get a better understanding of calculus and cleared up a lot of confusion I had before about some topics. I like the gallery images and all the graphs, and even some of the 3D images are cool but I wish there was a little more interactivity like a touchpad because that would make this guide even better! Otherwise, its a great study guide for the low price it's at and I sure hope they have more coming out.
  • Excellent

    By calculus1
    Excellent book. Great job!