Tetrabiblos - Ptolemy


By Ptolemy

  • Release Date: 2012-06-04
  • Genre: Astronomy


Claudius Ptolemy was a Roman citizen of Egypt who became antiquity’s most renowned astronomer. Living most of his life in Egypt at the height of the Roman Empire, Ptolemy authored several treatises on science, becoming influential to Europeans and the Middle East alike. Ptolemy’s work and his Ptolemaic system, which put the Earth at the center of the universe, remained the central authority until the times of Copernicus. 
One of Ptolemy’s astrological treatises was the Tetrabiblos (Greek for "Four books"). Ptolemy ties the horoscope’s astrology to the natural philosophies of Aristotle, which were still in use over 400 years after the great philosopher’s death. 
This version is specially formatted and includes a Table of Contents.