Napa - David Vokac & Joan Vokac


By David Vokac & Joan Vokac

  • Release Date: 2011-07-22
  • Genre: United States


Napa's memorable character is revealed in a detailed guide to the top attractions, restaurants, and lodgings in this California vacation haven. Concise, complete listings describe attractions from ballooning to wineries;  food styles, quality, decor and price range for each restaurant; plus character, amenities, and price range for each lodging.  All writeups are presented in a clear, consistent format that includes name, address, distance from the heart of town, phone number and toll-free number, and website. As a bonus, unique monthly weather ratings are provided. For anyone contemplating relocation to Napa, a final chapter provides key livability indicators. Education, crime, income, housing cost and politics of Napa are compared with the other great towns of America; with the largest cities; and with the nation.