Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen

Northanger Abbey

By Jane Austen

  • Release Date: 1890-01-01
  • Genre: Paranormal
4 Score: 4 (From 1,336 Ratings)


Northanger Abbey is a hilarious parody of 18th century gothic novels. The heroine, 17-year old Catherine, has been reading far too many “horrid” gothic novels and would love to encounter some gothic-style terror — but the superficial world of Bath proves hazardous enough.


  • Northanger Abbey

    By Monkeylight.
    flowing words form the basis of this love story in a time of hints, glances and hushed conversations. The money side of love and marriage seeks to destroy lives and hearts. In the end a good love will withstand the test of time in this slow moving world. Satisfying to the end.
  • Northanger Abbey

    By L.E. Laine
    While not the most famous of Austen's works, it is still entertaining. It is ironic and entertaining to note that although social customs are vastly different between the 18 th century and modern times, human nature and the adventures of the heart are not. Some of the passages could be written between friends today who were experiencing the pangs of uncertain romance. Chuckle at the heroine, Catherine, and enjoy....
  • Northanger Abbey

    By Pinunzio
    Great read, love Jane Austin's heroines!
  • The perfect book!

    By Nicole Vandekamp
    I cant seem to get enough of jane! she is the best romance writter!! :)
  • Nuggets of wisdom

    By Dfgreen
    While not my favorite Jane Austen, I do think Northanger Abbey had many characteristics that recommend itself. The satire on British society is very well portrait in the chapters in Bath. Especially the events in the pump room. As usual Austen is able to make me swoon over the romance, but I do find it somewhat lacking in it's climactic moment of truth. When the heroine finds she is loved in return. This scene is so incomparable to other Austen's (Eleanor for example). But overall, there is a lot to be appreciated in this novel. And I think it's definitely worth a read.