Animation For Beginners - Morr Meroz

Animation For Beginners

By Morr Meroz

  • Release Date: 2021-01-22
  • Genre: Digital Media


A new edition of Bloop Animation’s popular animation guidebook packed with the latest recommendations and insights on how to turn your artistic passion into a professional film career!

If you are an aspiring animator considering a career in film production or are curious about what it takes to make animated shorts, this is the book for you! Animation for Beginners is a comprehensive and modern introduction to the art and business of 3D animation from Bloop Animation founder, filmmaker, graphic novel author, and teacher Morr Meroz.

With this guide, Meroz reveals a behind-the-scenes view of the pre-production, production, and post-production process along with an introduction to the skills you need and the different types of animation across the film industry. Along with these basics, you will learn:

The 12 Principles of Animation
The 8 Genres of Animated Shorts
Writing an Animated Feature Film
Career Paths for Animators
and Tips on Starting a Career in Animation
As a graduate of the School of Visual Arts and an animation professional, Meroz demystifies the business side of filmmaking with real-world advice for creating a compelling demo reel and portfolio site, hunting for a first job, and considering the pros and cons of freelancing versus working full-time.

This is a perfect gift for illustrators, graphic designers, film students, and film industry professionals interested in how to “make it” as animators.