The Conqueror's Lady - Stella Burke May

The Conqueror's Lady

By Stella Burke May

  • Release Date: 2020-04-23
  • Genre: Latin America


Fascinating biography of Spanish Conquistador, Ines Suarez recounting her life and adventures in South America.

“On a morning in January, 1540, an army of one hundred and seventy Spanish soldiers, commanded by Pedro de Valdivia, departed from Cuzco, Peru, to conquer the land called Chile.

One Spanish woman accompanied them. Her name was Ines Suarez.

More than a year later, the gaunt remnants of that little army clambered up the solitary rock that the Indians called Huelen (Sorrow) and which today is known as the Cerro Santa Lucia, and took possession of Chile in the name of God and of Charles the Fifth, of Spain.”—Introduction