Gone to See the River Man - Kristopher Triana

Gone to See the River Man

By Kristopher Triana

  • Release Date: 2020-03-12
  • Genre: Horror
4 Score: 4 (From 329 Ratings)


Super fans. Groupies. Stalkers.

These people will give anything for the idols they worship, be they rock stars, actors or authors. Or even serial killers.

Lori is just such a fanatic. Her obsession is with Edmund Cox, a man of sadistic cruelty who butchered more than twenty women. She’s gone so far as to forge a relationship with him, visiting him in prison and sending him letters on a regular basis. She will do anything to get close to him, so when he gives her a task, she eagerly accepts it.

She has no idea of the horror that awaits her.

Edmund tells her she must go to his cabin in the woods of Killen and retrieve a key to deliver to a mysterious figure known only as The River Man.

In her quest, she brings along her handicapped sister, and they journey through the deep, dark valley, beginning their trip upriver. The trip quickly becomes a surreal nightmare, one that digs up Lori’s personal demons, the ones she feels bonds her to Edmund. The river runs with flesh, the cabin is a vault of horrors, and ghostly blues music echoes through the mountains. Soon they will learn that The River Man is not quite fact or folklore, and definitely not human -- at least, not anymore. And the key is just the beginning of what is required of Lori to prove she’s worthy of a madman’s love.


  • Dark & Thrilling

    By :•)))))))))))
    The writing felt a bit lackluster, the word “sluicing” was used enough times. While the ending fell a bit flat, the turns of the story were very intriguing— every new insight of the characters’ past gives clarity and provides a contrast to the first impression
  • Great read

    By NoWayJose2725
    It’s like an Ari Aster movie
  • made me very uncomfortable

    By can we fly away
    it felt like a middle school boy telling shock factor unfunny jokes
  • Intense and eerie

    By ABN111
    Crazy story line and was not expecting that. Dark. Twisted. Eerie.
  • Wild

    By rebekkaxmarie
    This book was so crazy.. I read it within just two days I couldn’t stop! Definitely a page turner! So dark and twisted.
  • Good read

    By MewlB
    Couldn’t stop reading once I started, finished it in a couple hours.
  • awesome

    By km96706
    a good read. finished it in a day!
  • Amazing

    By endingseeker
    Truly wasn’t expected.
  • Very Unique

    By Kurt664
    Very great book. The only reason I didn’t give it 5/5 was because the ending was preposterously obvious from about half way through the book for me. Extremely dissatisfied with that….however the rest of the book was a very gripping read.
  • Unreal Horror

    By copperjaw2210
    Not often have I had to put a book down from the shear graphic content of a story.. only to pick it back up mere minutes later due to the amazing writing. Don’t let this one slip by, you won’t regret it!