CPL/ATPL Meteorology for Professional Pilots - Walter Wagtendonk

CPL/ATPL Meteorology for Professional Pilots

By Walter Wagtendonk

  • Release Date: 2018-10-21
  • Genre: Textbooks


This manual provides the knowledge required by candidates for the New Zealand Commercial Pilot and Airline Transport Pilot licences in Meteorology.

The requirement for adequate knowledge of meteorology by professional pilots centres on a good grasp of fundamental principles and an appreciation of practical considerations.  Consistent with this, the text in this manual highlights the theory with everyday ‘weather’ applications wherever possible.  For example, an entire chapter is devoted to hazardous meteorological conditions which have proved to be potential threats to flight safety.

The text in this book deals with meteorology in modern terms which are reflected to some extent in the syllabus for each licence.  Nevertheless, explanations based on some of the ‘old’ understandings have been retained.  For example, Chapter 13, Fronts and Depressions, combines the old with the new.