Cards of Love: The Moon - Sierra Simone

Cards of Love: The Moon

By Sierra Simone

  • Release Date: 2018-10-05
  • Genre: Erotic Romance
4 Score: 4 (From 31 Ratings)


She’s angry that I left.  I’m angry that I died.  
It’s the trouble with our two lives: we don’t only have one past to work through, but two.  Double the pain, twice the betrayal.  
A million times the tragedy.

***The Moon is the story of Merlin and Nimue from the New Camelot trilogy.  It’s recommended that you read the trilogy first, as there are American King spoilers in The Moon.***


  • Beautiful Tale

    By april R H
    If you’ve read The New Camelot series then you know of Merlin,what you don’t know about his life we get in this beautiful tale. If your looking for a quick read that will have you aching for more Cards Of Love ,The Moon is that story! Sexy,provocative,sometimes tragic,romance that is wicked hot. No one can ignite your imagination with classic tales spun around betrayal,and romance like Sierra Simone
  • A novella that is emotional, steamy, and amazing!

    By jnnfrgee
    This book is part of the New Camelot series and does contain spoilers if you have not read the first 3 books of the series. This book tells the story of the relationship between Merlin and Nimue and begins after a major event that occurs in American King (Book 3 of the New Camelot series). This book is primarily told from the POV of Merlin (the epilogue is in Nimue's POV). Honestly, Merlin was not one of my favorite characters in American Queen and American Prince, but I started to like him in American King. Given my initial dislike of Merlin, Sierra wrote this story in such a way that I could -feel- Merlin's emotions and fully sympathize and empathasize for him. My heart hurt for him when he described the depth of his love for Nimue even though he knew their story would not have a happy ending. BUT, their story does have a happy ending, partly due to Nimue's refusal to let their story end any other way. The Moon is more of a novella than a full length book, but Sierra tells Merlin and Nimue's story so well that I didn't feel like I was missing anything or that I wished she had went into more detail about some things. I will say that the sex scenes in this book are not as long and detailed as the scenes in American King (if you've read that book 😉), but they do not lack in hotness. I'm a big fan of Sierra's work and this novella is another fantastic read from her.
  • So glad to be back in Camelot

    By Krayla9
    This book was not what I was expecting at all, while, somehow, at the same time being everything I expected and more. Nimue and Merlin were two characters in the New Camelot Trilogy that were shrouded in mystery and mysticism. Their story was playing out in the background of everything that was Embry, Ash and Greer (I'm obsessed with them) and I was intrigued, I needed to know more about them and I'm so glad they got their own story! This story is scorching hot and not in the typical way. Sierra knows how to write sexy, nasty, delicious, romantic, all the feelings, outside the box stories and Nimue and Merlin absolutely do not stray from any of that. If anything they took it to the next level, this story is everything. And I absolutely adored the Arthurian legend aspect of it, it just added that extra layer of all the things. This is an absolute must read (after you've read the first three in the series of course!)!
  • Perfection

    By ClarkTerrill
    My initial thought when reading Cards of Love: The Moon is how incredible Sierra Simone's writing/talent is to be able to weave a rock solid story in a short novella. It's noted in the summary, but I'll also note, if you have not read the New Camelot series, do not read this. Please read this after, and honestly, you'll want to because you never want to leave their world. Cards of Love: The Moon is told from one POV - Merlin. There is past and present and the transition between each is so well done. Merlin does some retelling of stories (stories within stories - I LOVE THIS). Merlin was such an interesting character in the trilogy, I never considered wanting to know more until the end of the series. And in Cards of Love: The Moon, readers get more. I really don't want to say anything to spoil it. This story is pure, poetic beauty. I don't know how else to describe it. I had to take a moment when I finished reading to let my heart settle. There are a few books here and there that I really feel are a gift to readers. This is one of those stories. Sierra Simone is one of my favorite (and definite one-click) authors, and I look forward to rereading this story again.
  • What Merlin has been hiding under those robes ….

    By AmyVoxLibris
    Sierra Simone introduced you to her interpretation of Merlin in her New Camelot series, three books that set everything you knew about King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, and Sir Lancelot on a tilt-a-whirl. In this searingly hot novella, Simone shows you an entirely unexpected interpretation of Merlin, and it is DELICIOUS. You get more background on Merlin and Nimue, and you even learn a little more about Ash, Greer, and Embry. It's great fun revisiting old friends, and it made me want to go back and re-read that series. In her Afterward, Sierra Simone says that she picked the Moon as her card for the Cards of Love series (featuring novellas by different authors) because of its illusion and subconscious fear. Both of those are at play here, with Merlin's magic and that sort of scary, imposing side of him thrown back on that tilt-a-whirl. And let me just say that this book is sooooooooooo erotic. Enticingly, searingly erotic. If you haven't read the New Camelot series, never fear. You don't need to have done to read this. However, there are some spoilers in here, so if you intend on reading the series, do so before you read Merlin's story.
  • Sexy Goodness

    By rlamlt
    This is an epilogue to the New Camelot series. There are spoilers to that series. GO READ IT NOW! It is amazing! This is Merlin and Nimue’s story. Merlin has the memories from his past lives. He has been reliving his life trying to right the wrongs from King Arthur’s time. In every life Nimue has been his downfall. He awakens chained and defenseless. He realizes Nimue has kidnapped him and is fearing the worst. Hot and spicy with some elements of sadism. Intricate tale of a love separated by fate. Great use of the mythology of King Arthur with a filthy spin!
  • I needed Merlin’s story

    By RoadrunnerReader
    Ever since American King was released, I’ve been shattered. There’s never been a book like it. There may never be another book as good as the conclusion of the trilogy. This book might come close. It certainly fits into the New Camelot universe. Merlin knows that his fate is to die. He’s deeply in love with Nimue, and of course she’s his doom. I totally adored this whole book, from beginning to end. Sierra knows how to keep you on your toes and also rip your heart out. I loved it so much. I’d buy it for someone else. I seriously love Sierra Simone.
  • Merlin & Nimue story! Loved every word!

    By Virna Thompson
    I am a huge, huge, huge fan of The Camelot Trilogy by Sierra Simone. The trilogy consumed me, and I loved all the characters. All of them. So, when I heard we were getting Merlin and Nimue’s story, I was all of over that! And let me tell you, I was not disappointed. Without giving any spoilers, I was not sure how I felt about Merlin throughout the trilogy. He was an enigma, until the very end. Now we learn more about him, his wants, his desires and his downfall. We get to see the toll his life and choices have taken on him. He was both strong and vulnerable. Nimue is angry and hurt, but she is not without her own faults. But she does not know the truths Merlin does. All she knows is that Merlin and his secrets call to her. But what will be the cost of being together? I was delighted by The Moon by Sierra Moon. It was a tender and at times a sad story, but also one that was steamy and hot! Though you could technically read The Moon as a standalone, I would highly recommend reading the trilogy first to truly appreciate this story. That being said the trilogy and The Moon are must-reads and ones I highly recommend! 4.5 loved it! Totally loved it! Read and reviewed for Sultry Sirens Book Blog. Happy reading!
  • Loved going back to Camelot!

    By Christine Miller28
    When Sierra Simone ended the Camelot trilogy and was heartbroken. Those characters had weaved their way into my soul and I wasn't ready to let go. When I saw that she was telling Merlin's story in the Cards of Love books, I couldn't wait to get my greedy hands on it. Merlin and Nemue's story is dark and absolutely sinful and I loved every stinkin minute of it. For a novella, there was a full story here and it absolutely held me spellbound. Incredible story in my much loved world. I need more! Great read.