Reflections of a Man - Mr. Amari Soul

Reflections of a Man

By Mr. Amari Soul

  • Release Date: 2015-06-17
  • Genre: Self-Improvement
5 Score: 5 (From 1,156 Ratings)


Reflections Of A Man is a book designed for both men and women to enhance the quality of their personal relationships. 

For the women, it encourages you to recognize the true value of your love, to reevaluate your standards and to make the decision that you will no longer settle for anything less than someone who loves you, respects you, and truly makes you happy. For the men, this book will not only encourage you to learn more about the emotional needs of a woman, but it will provide you with clear insight into what a woman truly needs from you, emotionally, to be happy. 

Through beautiful words of poetry, powerful quotes and advice full of wisdom, Mr. Amari Soul creates a truly enlightening experience for both men and women with Reflections Of A Man. On one hand, women gain a new perspective on the true value of their love, raise their standards and refuse to settle. On the other hand, men become better equipped to, not only understand a woman’s emotional needs, but they are better able to meet or exceed their new standards as well.



    By meemsmarie
    I loved reading this. I finished this book within a couple hours. I highly recommend not just men to read it, but women too! I can’t wait to start the second book.
  • Keep it up!

    By Court_pang13
    Best book I’ve read in a long time! Made my two 2 hour flights pass by!
  • Reflections of a man

    By josnfind
    I loved it and so much of it I can relate to
  • Breath Taking

    By vargas822116
    Omg!!! Where do I begin, Amari soul hit this book with every inch of my soul. This man helped me and my now ex-husband realize our wrongs in our marriage. It’s funny after being separated for almost two years and going through a divorce we met again. It was after our marriage ended and us talking once again I told my ex about the book. I told him it could help him look at a woman’s prospective and me from a mans. Let me tell you it’s been working great for us. It won’t happen for everyone (uniting) because not everyone will see things the same but it did open our eyes to our errors that we both wanted to fix and reunite as one again. Thank you for you advice, stories, and help felt words.

    By lildiggity
    The book really helped with my struggles of finding love and it showed me also what you should be looking for when it comes to it. Thank you for such an amazing book Mr. Amari Soul. I’ve learned so much.
  • I loved every word

    By AdriannaVM
    Just simply amazing!!
  • Reflections of a Man

    By ak_ee_la
    Every man and a woman should read this book, and give it a thought to all the beautiful lines and advices written. If you change your way of thinking and widen your horizons, this world will be a better place with better relationships. Amazing thoughts, I admire Mr. Amari Soul’s writing.
  • Great book!!

    By Kim Parker .
    I sat and read this whole book through, I cried during certain chapters because I was reading something that I recognized. This book justifies that there is a man the will be willing or not. This is a great book to read for both MEN and WOMAN!
  • Great book

    By Slammedchevy 09
    Great book, worth reading.
  • Reflections of a Man

    By LadyLuck88🍀
    Great book and very insightful!