The Undersea World - Jerry Borrell

The Undersea World

By Jerry Borrell

  • Release Date: 2015-05-16
  • Genre: Travel & Adventure


The Complete Guide to the Undersea World is a selective guide to the world's best scuba diving and snorkeling destinations. Created by Jerry Borrell, author of OceanLife™, a 7 Volume Series on the Oceans of the World, this guide includes photos, movies, maps, text and more from the places that the author considers to be the best diving destinations in the world based upon 45 years of diving and dive travel. While this volume includes mostly land based sites and while the world-weary dive traveller will eschew such land-based dive destinations for live- aboard diving, these ten selections were made for travelers who like to do more on vacations than diving, but who want the best, when they do dive. If you're not a diver, these are among the best places to learn how to dive. In each of these destinations, you’ll find crystal clear waters, where you can put on a mask and see more in an afternoon of snorkeling, than you will in most other places in the world. And if you just want to sit under a palm tree on a white sand beach reading, or engaging in nothing more adventurous than a nature hike, this is your Complete Guide.