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  • Story is fine - not amazing - but fix errors please, authors

    By ATTscam
    It’s “taut” not “taught” and there are times the wrong name is mentioned “Oliver” can’t be talking and in the crowd simultaneously. Does no one edit these books? Story is just fine but this author duo has done much much better.
  • Sexy Lovable Romance

    By Toni FGMAMTC
    This is one of those cute, adorable romances with likable characters (and plenty of sexy). I enjoyed the whole thing. Lola and Oliver are good people. They are best friends wanting more. Life gets in the way a bit, but they're mature enough to get it right before it goes too far. Dark Wild Night was definitely worth my time, and Oliver is great book boyfriend material.
  • Young...

    By ellesnaps
    I love these characters from the first two books, I couldn’t wait to see how they developed into a relationship. Oliver is everything I hoped he would be and more but Lola was a surprise in her immaturity, relationship wise. I kinda got lost in the whole spiral out of control. Oliver getting hurt….that hurt and I didn’t like it. While this book isn’t my favorite in the series I still love the interaction among the 6 of them, I laughed out loud at the coming out the office to face Harlow and Finn part. I loved Not-Joe even more. I don’t know if I ever want this place for my younger self to hang out to ever end.
  • I love NERDS!

    By myownbookshelves
    v"You just sucked my soul out of me." I love humorous romances - stories that never fail to help me escape the tediousness of the day. Christina Lauren deliver with this novel. I also have a very large soft spot for nerds. Lola and Oliver are the best of the best nerds. One is a graphic novelist and the other owns a store specializing in - you guessed it- comic books. Lola and Oliver met, married, divorced and became best friends in the early stories of the Wild Seasons series. Lola is just as you imagined. She is introverted character lost in the world she creates. Suddenly her graphic novel is optioned by Hollywood and she is now noticed. But will her relationship with her best friend stand up to the strain? The novel takes you on a story of missed cues and opportunities. When Lola and Oliver final realize the feelings between them are way more than friendly and for a VERY long time, the pages of the story ignite. Nerds can be sexy. Lola's character had the ability to become grating to me. You know, the whiny, indecisive push-pull girl. Christina Lauren gives her character just enough insecurity to be what we would expect an introvert to be but without dragging the storyline. And Oliver. Wow - he has his own issues. However his protectiveness and desire to watch Lola succeed is swoon worthy. Book 3 could very well be a standalone. This is solely Oliver and Lola's story. But the friends make appearances from the first two books. I dare you not to go back and read them. If you are familiar with Christina Lauren's writing, this delivers. My favorite over all in the series. PS Not Joe needs a story.
  • Not for me

    By pavi8335
    Love this girls but let be honest, bad, bad story, and if this was the best part that you got after three attempts, oh boy...
  • Eh...

    By Raefray32
    Dark Wild Night was just ok! I really like these characters together but it just wasn't as good as the first two in the Wild series, and definitely not as good as the Beautiful series. Kinda boring at times. At times I even found myself rolling my eyes at their overly elaborate descriptions and ridiculously long run on sentences...Not impressed with this one!
  • Not my Fave

    By charnelleb
    I've loved all the other Christina Lauren books, but this one fell flat with me. I was mostly annoyed by Lola for the duration of the book and felt it focused too much on her struggles without giving much to Oliver's character. Still a fun read, but not at the top of my CLo list!
  • Yaaaassss to Loliver!!

    By GingerGirl.
    Loved, loved, L-O-V-E-D it!!! I have been waiting and waiting for Lola and Oliver's story and it was absolutely wonderful. Christina Lauren did a fantastic job in bringing out the "painfully obvious" truth of Lola and Oliver's romance. I cried, laughed, fist-bumped, and happy cried throughout the entire book. Very good job well done and I highly recommend you read the first two books in the series first, if you haven't. Can't wait for London's story in Wicked Sexy Liar! Please hurry Christina Lauren!!! 😁👏🙌
  • Buy, buy, buy this book :)

    By BookNerd74
    I didn't love this novel at first! I usually do with these authors but this one I didn't. It felt slow at first...but then came to life with a vengeance! Hands down the hottest novel I've read this year! Enjoy!
  • Loliver!

    By Krista_holly
    These ladies define awesome, witty, hilarious, emotional, and sexy reads. They make reading a blast but also an emotional journey that really means the world. I don't always get to experience that in a book but with Christina Lauren, I'm never disappointed.