Seducing Destiny - Amelia Hutchins

Seducing Destiny

By Amelia Hutchins

  • Release Date: 2015-01-20
  • Genre: Fantasy
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 742 Ratings)


Less than six months ago my life was twisted and flipped on its side. Things have changed so much I barely recognize myself anymore.

I am no longer an Enforcer.

I am no longer a Witch.

I no longer hate the Fae. (For the most part)

And the sex-on-a-stick-gorgeous-Fae? He isn't really the Dark Prince.

No, he is the father of my children and with the babies on the way, the land dying and the Mages closing in; alliances will have to be formed if we are all to make it through the war that is coming to our front door.

Between warring Gods and Goddesses, how are any of us supposed to win?

Everything is changing, and nothing has prepared us for what we will endure. This time the stakes are higher, and our entire world depends on us saving it.
Warning: Mature content and language not intended for anyone under the age of eighteen.

This book is not intended for anyone under the age of 18, or anyone who doesn't like lip biting, throw your ass on the bed, tear your clothes off and leave you panting dominant alpha male characters. This is a dark, dangerous, intense, gritty and raw. Scenes are dark, disturbing, and scorching HOT. This book is a soul crushing, tear jerking, and leave you hanging on the edge of your seat fast paced book.


  • Love it !

    By CMC385
    I recently started reading Amelia’s books and I am honestly addicted! One of the best authors, so captivating!
  • Meh...

    By Bunny623
    The story drags on and on and on, but the worst part is all the grammatical errors. It’s like this book wasn’t proof read at all.
  • Lacking in many areas

    By Tiffe514
    This book is where I fell off the train. I didn’t even finish.
  • A wild ride

    By cdp hope
    I found this series when I was have a difficult time in my life. They gave me a place to go and to escape and find clarity. The characters are terrific with lots of twists and turns. Enjoy. CDP hope
  • Seducing destiny

    By romancereader77
    Addicted to the fae chronicles. Can’t believe how good this series is. This book is just as awesome as the rest. Loved it.
  • Getting better and better

    By Helper779
    This book had me holding my breath! It was funny, sexy and a tear jerker.
  • Seducing Destiny

    By ChristineFlip11
    Book 4 of the Fae Chronicles and I cannot believe the twists and turns that Amelia has brought me through! I have never felt so much while reading any book, than I have with this series! Is it hot? Absolutely! But the storyline is so amazing and I just cannot get enough of it!
  • Awesome!

    By AlaskanIceMom
    Loved it!

    By samantha mitchem
    Newest fix and I’m loving itttttt! Of course I’m also greedy and will need a lot more but that’s for another time! But seriously, I need more books Amelia!
  • Great Conclusion

    By LisaClover
    What a great way to wrap up lose ends and tie everything together! Great way to conclude this series. So many twists and turns keep happening that don’t stop for breath, that constantly absorbed into the story. Will the babies survive? Will Syn heal Faery? So many other things. Plus there could be spinoffs that I can see: one of Rostand or dark and mysterious Lucian?