Zombie Fallout 8: An Old Beginning - Mark Tufo

Zombie Fallout 8: An Old Beginning

By Mark Tufo

  • Release Date: 2014-09-15
  • Genre: Horror
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 64 Ratings)


Mike and his family escaped a vast zombie horde to find themselves imprisoned by a clandestine group that seeks global domination by the most nefarious means possible. Help is coming, in the form of a 500 year old Pop-Tart loving vampire named Tommy. Will he be enough to get the Talbots to freedom or will he succumb to monsters new and old? On top of all this Mike discovers that he is in the crosshairs of an ancient enemy and it is only a matter of time until the final showdown.


  • Redundant

    By scrumdlyamptious
    I find the redundant situations the hero finds himself in exhausting by the time I finished the final book. And yet again too many variables are thrown in when unnecessary seamingly just to keep the book going.... Forever.
  • Amazing zombie series

    By Mogii316
    This series is phenomenal. I have listened on audible and read along every book. I have to say between the way Mark writes the story, to the way the speaker tells the story, it's all so incredibly perfect. Could not have asked for anything more. Thanks again Mark Tufo. -Mike Mog
  • Zombie Fallout 8

    By DWMiller7676
    Great series! I've truly enjoyed this series. It keeps getting better with each installment. The only bad thing is the wait in between books! Write faster Mr. Tufo....write faster. Haha!
  • Thanks agin mr tufo

    By Zombierelief26
    Wow where I should start. I guess remedial English classes more then likely. Your characters bring it again! I'm so ready for another. Thank you for deciding to become a author your work is fantastic. I guess I'm going to start LF. Could you be coming out with a ih5. I would recommend this series to anybody interested in the apocalypse or apocalyptic scenarios with zombies or anything from science-fiction it's freaking awesome.
  • ZF8

    By Luciusego
    This was the Best one yet!! I seriously started the book at 9am and didn't stop till I finished the last page! Love being sucked into Michael Talbots world(s)!!!!!!!