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Low Fat Recipes in 30 Minutes: A Low Fat Cookbook with Over 100 Quick & Easy Recipes

By Shasta Press

  • Release Date: 2014-07-11
  • Genre: Special Diet
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 58 Ratings)


Create simple and satisfying low fat meals in under 30 minutes!

Low Fat Recipes in 30 Minutes will help you create low-fat versions of all your favorite comfort foods. With over 90 simple but mouthwatering low-fat recipes that can be made in 30 minutes or less, plus 10 more easy-to-make recipes for your slow cooker, this handy cookbook will take the stress out of planning meals that are low in fat, yet also flavorful and satisfying. Low Fat Recipes in 30 Minutes will also save you time and money in the kitchen, with an easy-to-follow 14-day low-fat meal plan, and quick tips to make substitutions based on your dietary needs.

Let Low Fat Recipes in 30 Minutes make healthy cooking easy and fun, with:

¥ 103 low-fat recipes including Chocolate Cream Pie, Blackened Chicken Alfredo, and Quick Spicy Garlic Shrimp ¥ 14-day meal plan including low fat snacks and desserts to keep you satisfied ¥ A handy list of 100 key low fat ingredients to keep in your kitchen ¥ Time-saving tips to speed up your cooking ¥ Easy substitutions for common ingredients
Low Fat Recipes in 30 Minutes will keep you healthy, satisfied, and on schedule with comforting and delicious low-fat meals.


  • Pretty good!

    By scottishbiscuit
    This book is a good simple book for new cooks, and can be a good jumping point for someone looking to try new recipes on their weight loss journey. Comes with color photos, which is nice. Very simple guidelines, so not for those looking to expand their recipes. The 30 minute time frame can be a bit restrictive on the quality of meal, but overall a very good purchase.
  • Over Processed Eating

    By Putzapintheapp
    Filled with recipes with ingredients that are canned, frozen, and over processed. Yes, they are fast, convenient and low fat but ..... are they really healthy. Decide for yourself.
  • Great Book!

    By KAJohnston
    Every recipe sounds absolutely delicious! After reading this book, I wanted to immediately go into my kitchen and start preparing some of these recipes. You just need to follow the shopping list given in chapter one and the meal planning guide given in chapter two. You will be ready to cook and have everything you need to prepare these mouth-watering recipes. Great book!
  • Yummy stuff

    By Dr Mr JS
    "Low Fat Recipes in 30 Minutes" has plenty of recipes for any appetite... The book has several different sections with different meals both with similar ingredients and with meals that are different (I like this so I don't feel like I am eating the same thing over and over). The book has the desert section too, and it is not just all nuts and berries, my favorite recipe was the brownies (little bit different that the rich brownies we ate as kids, but well worth the trade in kcals)
  • Simple healthy recipes

    By justinedurell
    This book offers low fat versions of recipes from very diverse types of cuisine. For people who are trying to lose weight or enjoy a more structured approach, there is a meal plan. I really appreciated the ease of the recipes and the fact that there weren't many difficult to get or uncommon ingredients. Overall, a handy, nice cook book.
  • Harmonious Living with Your Food Plan

    By trishLTL
    Re-boot your Food Plan with inspirational ideas and easy, fast delicious recipes. Over 100 creative, low fat recipes provided to help inject fresh ideas into the good Management to your Food Plan commitment. Try, “Kale Chips”, as a terrific alternative to the potato. Your family and or friends will applaud your creativity. Terrific gift as well.
  • Soups 'n Pork 'n Desserts - Oh My!

    By PJGPB
    Love this book! Highly recommend! Loads of useful calorie and nutrition data for every recipe, and every one I’ve tried is packed with flavor (Bourbon-Glazed Meatballs, Asian Broccoli Salad, Mini French Toast Casseroles). Many recipes for the crock pot. A 14-Day Meal Planner, tips on shopping and saving time and money, and a chapter on low-fat desserts! An easy 5-star rating!
  • High marks for this low fat recipe book

    By ibdanmac
    Although recipes for low-fat lasagna roll-ups and chicken tamale casserole might make your mouth water, it’s this book’s tips for planning ahead that make it a recipe for success. The section on planning meals for the week is priceless because spontaneity and dieting simply do not go together. Also, the segment on creating a shopping list for the week is a great help. In order to eat healthier, one must change his/her thinking as well as behavior, and this is one book that suggests just the right lifestyle changes to have a healthier diet.
  • Great book for nutritious meals your family will love

    By reaphx
    I love this book because it shows you how to successfully cook nutritious meals while saving money and keeping to a mean plan. It is packed full of pro tips so u can plan your week out and minimize what you throw out. It is easy to stay on track with the list of ingredients to keep in your kitchen for nutritious meal plans. The recipes are quick and nutritious and I have no problem getting my entire family eating them.
  • Low Fat Recipes not Bland Foods

    By Jasperjewell
    This is a good book for anyone looking to reduce fat in their diet. The chart giving substitute foods is a great reference. Recipies like Cajun Chicken Sandwiches and Chocolate Brownies are not what you would expect in a low fat book. Recipies are easy to read and follow. Don't substitute taste for fat! This book will show you how.