Cowboy Heart - Amelia Rose

Cowboy Heart

By Amelia Rose

  • Release Date: 2014-02-12
  • Genre: Western


When Kitty Collins runs away from her complicated life in Gold Hill, Nevada, the last thing she's looking for is more complications. But complications are exactly what she finds, in the shape of two attractive cowboy suitors.
There's more at stake than Kitty's heart, though. When Kitty runs to the cattle ranch where her sister Sarah and Sarah's new husband William live, she finds a ranch under siege from lawsuits brought by neighbors, drought, wildfires – and arson.
Robert McLeod is a rugged, bearded and handsome, the type of cowboy who sets Kitty's heart racing. Luke Michaels, clean cut and quiet, shares Kitty's wild spirit and offers her friendship in addition to romance.