Weight Watchers Simple Start Recipes: The New Two-Week Plan! - Meigyn Gabryelle

Weight Watchers Simple Start Recipes: The New Two-Week Plan!

By Meigyn Gabryelle

  • Release Date: 2014-01-20
  • Genre: Special Diet
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For 2014, Weight Watchers® has a new plan - Simple Start®. And simple it is! No counting points, no counting nutritional values, no boundaries, except two: Quit eating when you feel satisfied and eat only the Power Foods® identified by Weight Watchers®. Simple.

This book offers recipes made from the Weight Watchers® list of Power Foods® so they fit right into the new Simple Start® plan. You won’t find any Weight Watcher® points or nutritional values listed for the recipes, because you don’t count any of that information for the two weeks you eat the Simple Start meals. We’ve left them out in support of “no counting” anything. 

There is one tiny exception, indulgence points, about which we’ve included information in the Introduction below and a sampling of them at the end of the book. If a recipe has an indulgence point involved in the ingredients, we’ve noted that for you, too. They are the only points you will count during the Simple Start® weeks - and they are limited to seven per day with no carryover.

The recipes in this book are selected to prevent hunger and cravings, as well as to aid you in your initial weight loss during the first two weeks. They are broadly variable in their use - have them for any meal of the day depending on your preference.

The premise of Simple Start® is to quit eating when you feel satisfied - not when you feel full. Beyond that “simple” premise is to eat only the dishes and menus made from the Weight Watchers Power Foods List ® which is available for your review following the last recipe in this book.  Any food not found on this list must count as “indulgence points” according to their point value per Weight Watchers® - Simple Start® is just that simple.

Simple Start is an easy way to begin your weight loss; it is easy to follow and offers easy to prepare recipes. Once you’ve completed the first two weeks on Simple Start, you may elect to do it for another two weeks or convert to one of the other Weight Watchers® plans to carry you through to your weight loss goal.

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