Longren Family Box Set 1 – 3 (Historical Cowboy Romance) - Amelia Rose

Longren Family Box Set 1 – 3 (Historical Cowboy Romance)

By Amelia Rose

  • Release Date: 2013-12-16
  • Genre: Religious
5 Score: 5 (From 5 Ratings)


Now available as a trilogy bundle box set, all three books in the Longren Family series.
“The Longren Family trilogy box set” presents the romance of the old west – and the people in it.
Silver Heart (Longren Family #1 - Mail Order Bride )
When Maggie Lucas (mail order bride) leaves Boston for Virginia City, Nevada, she's anticipating a marriage of convenience and life in a new home with a man she's never met. That's more than enough change, in her view. What she doesn't expect, is to find that home threatened as both the market for silver and the Comstock Lode mines themselves dry up and her new husband faces foreclosure. She also doesn't expect to fall in love with the new state, the people in it – and her new husband.

Steel Heart (Longren Family #2 – Chloe and Matthew’s story )
Chloe Anders always knew she'd marry Matthew Longren. It just wasn't always obvious that Matthew knew it. But now that the Longren brother whom Chloe's father has described as a scoundrel and a cad has opened The Faro Queen Hotel in Virginia City with his older brother and begun to settle down, it looks like the time has come for Chloe and Matthew to marry.
But not everyone agrees. When The Faro Queen burns in winter 1881, Chloe finds herself trailing the arsonist through a snow storm and cornering him, only to get knocked out and left for dead in a burning building. Only days later someone shoves Chloe in front of a speeding carriage. It's time to find out who's trying to kill her – and time to leave Gold Hill.
Following Matthew's love of trains, the newlyweds move to Reno where Matthew goes to work for the Nevada & Oregon Railway, a new company marked with violence that eventually leads to murder. Matthew moves on to Union Pacific, and Matthew and Chloe pursue their dreams into the heart of a storm and flash flood that threatens to change their lives forever.

Cowboy Heart (Longren Family #3 – Kitty and Luke’s story )
When Kitty Collins runs away from her complicated life in Gold Hill, Nevada, the last thing she's looking for is more complications. But complications are exactly what she finds, in the shape of two attractive cowboy suitors.
There's more at stake than Kitty's heart, though. When Kitty runs to the cattle ranch where her sister Sarah and Sarah's new husband William live, she finds a ranch under siege from lawsuits brought by neighbors, drought, wildfires – and arson.
Robert McLeod is a rugged, bearded and handsome, the type of cowboy who sets Kitty's heart racing. Luke Michaels, clean cut and quiet, shares Kitty's wild spirit and offers her friendship in addition to romance.

A historical western cowboy romance series.