Ozwald & the Animal Spirits III - Michael White

Ozwald & the Animal Spirits III

By Michael White

  • Release Date: 2013-12-02
  • Genre: Fantasy


This completes the Trilogy of Ozwald and the Animal Spirits. This is about a man who starts out as a bum and ends up a Legend. This is the story of a person experiencing a full blown mania.
There are two major parts to each book; the Manic Delusions and the Sex Dreams. The story is a delusion because it follows the same pattern as a full blown mania. The person; victim; hero; lunatic or crazy one is making monumental decisions within a very short time span.
The manic delusion is an emotional ride with lots of laughs, lots of crying, and lots of anger while travelling at a speed faster than a normal person to the sound of an unknown beat.
Sexual Dreams are manufactured in your mind while you’re still awake. The actual sexual acts that do happen; occur at the peak of the mania and when you’re in lock up. (Perks of being uninhibited)
When I wrote; Ozwald and the Animal Spirits I had again crossed the line from being a manic to a maniac. I have been locked up five times for acting these stories out.