Only Him - Kennedy Fox

Only Him

By Kennedy Fox

  • Release Date: 2022-08-29
  • Genre: Suspense
4 Score: 4 (From 233 Ratings)


I wasn’t supposed to catch feelings for my best friend’s older brother.

It started with a letter and grew into us confessing our secrets.
Then, he left, taking my shattered heart with him.

Twelve years later, he’s back.
We have to keep our distance. If we fall for each other, everything will fall apart.
But then I’m blackmailed into marrying another man, and the guy who broke my heart is the only one who can save me.

Only Him is a second chance, small town romance and is a repackaged boxed set from the Tyler & Gemma duet in the Lawton Ridge duet series. There's no cliffhanger and ends in an HEA.


  • Extremely long and not believable

    By bocaraysa
    Weak main female character. Just frustrating to read. For all they do is get drunk. The story could have been told better in half the number of pages. Boring!
  • Only Him

    By sbsbrinson
    Wow! What a long and winding story! Lots of surprising twists! I enjoyed it overall and the HEA was great! Couldn’t have been a bit more concise and still told the same story.
  • Only Him by Kennedy Fox

    By Lightskin Drop
    This started out good and I had high hopes but I couldn’t finish. Gemma is a weakling with no backbone.
  • Drags on

    By Allie Summers
    Could have wrote this 200 pages left lots of repeat and unnecessary details. And it all leads up to a very mediocre ending.
  • Tyler And Gemma...A Match Made In Slow Burn Heaven

    By Jen Bemis
    For those that are not familiar with Tyler he was first introduced in the Roommate Duet series as a friend to Mason and Liam and he quickly became friends with Maddie. We got a glimpse of his past in Always Yours. Tyler Blackwood has been gone from his hometown of Lawton Ridge (Alabama) for 12 years.....the last five have been spent in prison for a crime he was falsely accused (and found guilty) of. He looks forward to seeing his sister and grandparents, has a job lined up but isn't sure how he feels about coming face to face with the only girl he has ever loved. Gemma Reid spent years waiting for Tyler to come home and when he didn't she finally moved on. Now happily engaged and working for her dad her world gets knocked loose when Tyler walks into her dad's shop for a job interview and to make matters worse her father hires him. Having Tyler back in town does not make life easier for her. While Tyler tries to adjust to his newfound freedom back in Lawton Ridge and working with Gemma she is battling her feelings for Tyler and the fact that she is engaged. Soon her fiance starts to show his true colors resulting in Gemma being in Tyler's arms. Tyler is a fierce protector when it comes to Gemma and he will do whatever it takes to get her away from her fiance. A series of events gets set into motion that I never would have guessed leading up to their HEA! This second chance, best friend's brother is a beautiful start to the Only One series. Kennedy Fox never seems to fail when it comes to weaving a story. They always deliver absolute greatness including the epilogue that will lead into the next book. Bravo nailed it again!
  • Small town romance goodness

    By Cheryl33610
    Only Him is a second chance romance with the added treat of the best friend’s brother trope, which is one of my favs. It’s a slow burn with a lot of angst and frankly a heroine who’s too stubborn for her own good. Either that or she’s a semi-martyr. I was all in with hero Tyler from page one. He’s back to his small home town after 12 years away, 5 of which he spent in prison on trumped up charges. While his besties would love for him to make his home near them, he’s anxious to see his sister and grandparents…who I wish we saw more of. Gemma, the one who got away…or really, the one Tyler walked away from…is still in town but engaged to a big old (literally 15 year, age gap) controlling creeper. She’s got blinders on where he is concerned, and even when she sees the issues, she still sticks with him. I spent at least half the book extremely annoyed by her attitude. Tyler held this story together for me, with the help of his sister (Gemma’s bff) and some other secondary characters. His devotion to Gemma, even when she may not have warranted it because of her decision to stay with the fiance, was steadfast and inspiring. I adored him. The Only One series is a rebranding of the Lawton Ridge duet series featuring the same characters and stories. Gemma and Tyler’s story is the same, it’s just one longer book instead of a duet.