Sam and the Wolf - Lenka Dusek

Sam and the Wolf

By Lenka Dusek

  • Release Date: 2013-03-30
  • Genre: Horror


The three rules of vampire survival:

1.Never leave a witness.
2.Never leave evidence.
3.Never leave a pattern.

To overlook one of those fundamental axioms is to invite total destruction at the hands of the slayers. A vampire must remain invisible and slip through the night like a shadow.

Of course, a non-human witness will never tell.

When Sam goes out on the hunt she sees a pair of amber eyes that can help her out. A lone wolf. He might be near the top of the food chain in the wild but he can't refuse the commands of a powerful revenant like her.

The hapless creature is about to become unwittingly caught up in her schemes to make a quick, decisive kill and cover her tracks.