Eternal Vows - Chrissy Peebles

Eternal Vows

By Chrissy Peebles

  • Release Date: 2013-02-13
  • Genre: Paranormal
4 Score: 4 (From 764 Ratings)


Genre: Paranormal romance, fantasy adventure, and time travel romance

Never marry a stranger...even if he is a drop-dead gorgeous immortal king.

Never pretend to be a princess.

And most importantly...never slip on an ancient wedding ring you know nothing about.

Sarah Larker returns to a cave where her sister disappeared ten years earlier. She walks through a portal and is mistaken for a runaway princess on the run by a dangerous immortal king in medieval times. Her plan is bold as well as daring—become this princess, wed the king, and slip on an ancient wedding ring that will unlock the portal back home. Then find her sister and run as fast as she can out of Dodge. But taking on the identity of Princess Gloria comes along with dangerous consequences; and slipping on the ruby ring comes with an even higher price.

The Ruby Ring Saga

Eternal Vows - book 1
Eternal Destiny - book 2
Eternal Fire - book 3
Eternal Faith - book 4
Eternal Bloom - book 5
Eternal Flame - book 6


  • Eternal Vows

    By readingpolice
    This should have been titled Eternal Crap! The story line was ok but very poorly written. I kept hoping it would get did not! And don’t get me started on books that have no ending...grrrrrr. What is wrong with you people?!? If you’re writing is so bad that you have to count on your readers to want to know what happens next,for them to buy the next in a series,then the first part needs to be exceptional. And this was not even close...good thing this one was free! And I still feel
  • Too short

    By Redmunds45
    I love time travel books and could’ve lived this one was too short. Sarah was annoying. Not enough on King Victor. The way this book was written, you’d think Frank was the hero that she falls in love with. I won’t bother with the rest of the series.
  • Eternal Vows

    By schaadjw4
    Couldn’t finish reading it. While chasing Bigfoot a woman is transported back to mid evil times. Heroine is constantly using modern slang and making wisecracks ever time she speaks until it was annoying. Life is too short to finish a book after you have lost interest. I gave it two stars for its unique combination of time travel & Bigfoot.
  • Carelessly written

    By Zarabidi
    Sorry - I wanted to like this because the premise was fun. But the writing was careless, the dialogue horrible — at times cringeworthy, and the plot progression unbelievable. This book was a waste of time.
  • Marvelous read!

    By RC Reading
    The depth of feeling in this book is outstanding and easily draws you in.
  • Great Book

    By cyc1948
    More than I expected. I enjoyed it very much and can’t wait to read the other books.
  • So fun!

    By SammyeLiz
    I was looking for a fun, quick read and stumbled into this world just like Sarah! I loved every minute of it and finished it one day. Onwards and upwards to book 2!
  • Eternal vows

    By Roxstweety65
    Awesome can't wait to read rest of series
  • Why I loved this book...

    By Mia polices
    This book just plain out cough my attention one day while I was skimming through the fiction books, I had no idea how good the book would be! I absolutely love this book, I was so sad when I found out Sarah's sister was killed!!!! I mean plot twist much? I almost cried, but I felt like I was there watching lol of this happen this is one of my favorite books EVER!!!!! I love the potential in Sarah and the courage she has and the fighting will she has! I couldn't stop reading this book I finished it in one day! It was crazy good!
  • The characters sucked

    By Tnaik01
    I love time travel novels but this one sucked. The characters were all brought between times even though it focused initially on the two main characters. The guy frank was annoying and the fact that the main heroine Sarah kept showing some semblance of romance for him was off putting. The other characters brought forward were immature and spoke like 15 year olds despite their ages. The book sucked. It had the potential to be great but the incessant juvenile behaviors of the characters ruined it. These extra characters were so horrid I kept hoping they would get killed off. Don't read. Maybe this book is for 15 year olds?