Penpal - Dathan Auerbach


By Dathan Auerbach

  • Release Date: 2012-11-18
  • Genre: Horror
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 1,211 Ratings)


In an attempt to make sense of his own mysterious and unsettling childhood memories, a man begins to reconstruct his past. As the games and adventures of his youth become engulfed by a larger story, he finds that it forms a tapestry of unbelievable horror that he never could have expected. 

Each chapter completes a different piece of the puzzle for both you and the narrator, and by the end of it all, you will wish that you could forget what he never knew.


  • Can’t Sleep

    By M_9000
    This is the first book I have read that has ever scared me.
  • First Disturbing Book, I Cried

    By MookieRG
    This is the first disturbing book I read, which is crazy because I have a very strong sense of morbid curiosity - but reading was never my thing. I think what makes this book so disturbing and saddening is that these things do happen. 5/5 for sure
  • Wonderful!

    By Slavichka
    A bit of a slow start but then blasts you into wanting to see where each part of the puzzle fits. Great read!
  • So Good!!!!!!

    By dyslexichick
    The attachment at the end gave me chills !!!!!!
  • I ACTUALLY can not stop thinking about this book

    By Cat8796
    I love horror books, but this tops them all. I read this book 2 months ago (finished it in one day!) and I can NOT stop thinking about this story. I’ve been manically diving into Reddit thread on theories for the ending. Like I can’t stop, it was worth every moment reading this book!!!
  • Creepy and terrifying

    By gabriellekay12
    This was a surprising read for me but soo good!! It’s in my top 5 favorite books this year.
  • Interesting

    By o194#&@
    Interesting premise. Story was told backwards and I m not a big fan of that style. Told from a child’s perspective but seemed unlikely a child would have those experiences at such a young age. Also, very predictable but a very short book so the story was wrapped up fairly quickly which was a good thing.
  • 3/5

    By #dogmomofthree
    It felt drawn out at times but it kept you reading. The ending was full of twists!
  • Wow

    By adip2017
    This book pleasantly surprised me. I saw this on the internet on Instagram and gave it a shot and I am so glad I did. Probably one of my favorite reads this year. This was what I would call a slow page turner. The author does a beautiful job integrating emotional undertones of friendship while also maintaining thriller elements. The story is told in flashbacks and is kind of like a puzzle you have to piece together. At the end you are still left with some questions and certain things are left to the readers imagination. Definitely worth a read.
  • Creepy, but a page-turner!

    By Kalibffl
    This was one of the creepiest books I have ever read. It was a slow read at times, but meaningful in each chapter and I soon realized it was a giant puzzle. Is this story real?