#EXPERT EXCEL PROJECTS tweet Book01 - Larry Moseley


By Larry Moseley

  • Release Date: 2011-08-03
  • Genre: Computers
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Larry Moseley is something of a detective...an Excel detective. In a 35-year corporate financial career that has spanned the range from startups to megacorps, Larry has often had to analyze and make decisions based on Excel spreadsheets created by colleagues. And he has been constantly amazed at how frequently he finds errors in such Excel projects, errors of omission and of commission, sometimes glaring but frequently quite subtle. The danger, as Larry rightly points out, is that critical corporate decisions are made based on the results of spreadsheets. A company will often determine its strategy or chart a course of action based on the outcome of an Excel project, and a faulty spreadsheet can lead a company down a faulty or suboptimal route.

Which is exactly why Larry has written #EXPERT EXCEL PROJECTS tweet Book01, dedicated to helping corporate executives and individual contributors develop expertise in planning and implementing Excel projects. Planning your Excel project well in advance speeds up development and eliminates any later oh-no's. Larry debunks the myth that spreadsheets are intrinsically unreliable. In truth, they are the reverse, but inadequate or unclear thinking applied to their set-up can lead to erroneous results. Conversely, proper planning and implementing of any Excel projects invariably leads to better and more complete decision making.

Much of #EXPERT EXCEL PROJECTS tweet Book01 is devoted to getting it right the first time, but the book also shows you how to review, analyze and apply an eagle eye to other people's spreadsheets. This is particularly useful for senior decision makers, since they typically make decisions based on spreadsheets created by colleagues, vendors or consultants. Larry takes his readers from start to finish on planning their next Excel project, sharing his domain expertise at every step. Everything from 'storyboarding' the project to final confirmation--checking logic and doing a sanity check to make sure the...