Do Yourself a Favor...Forgive - Joyce Meyer

Do Yourself a Favor...Forgive

By Joyce Meyer

  • Release Date: 2012-04-03
  • Genre: Christianity
4 Score: 4 (From 107 Ratings)


Building on her signature message of using the mind to master difficult emotions, Joyce Meyer focuses on the most destructive, insidious one of all: anger. It is responsible for broken relationships, sleepless nights, high blood pressure and ulcers. It destroys friendships, marriages and families, not to mention peace of mind. Anger is especially hard to handle for many Christians who have learned from childhood that "good Christians don't get angry." Meyer argues that properly handled, anger is an alert system that something is wrong and needs to be resolved.

In her latest book, she delves into the important process of forgiving, explaining its positive impact on the roots, the forms and the results of anger.

Why forgive? Joyce explains that forgiving is the only thing that can free one from the terrible turmoil that anger causes to spill over into every part of life.

Meyer understands that life will never be fair, but that is not a reason to let anger destroy our well-being and health. This is her guide to navigating that thorny territory and finding true peace.


  • Thank you

    By CanYouBelieveGodsTiming
    About a month ago, the Holy Spirit whispered to me that I had anger and unforgiveness in my heart. I knew it was true, but I didn’t know exactly “how” to release the anger, hurt, feelings of betrayal, people, and stuff- that I have been holding onto for so long. Everyday, I watch the 30 minute messages from my mobile device from Everyday Living. The day after the Holy Spirit spoke to me, I was listening to that day’s message (on offense) where Joyce happened to mention that she had written a book entitled: Do Yourself a Favor and Forgive. I pressed pause and began looking for the book. I downloaded it, and have been in tears as I’ve flipped through each page of exactly what I needed! The Lord is so loving, patient, kind, forgiving, can only imagine what I’m trying to say! I have finished the book, pausing in between to capture scripture, meditate, reflect, pray, and digest what the Holy Spirit is saying. Thank you Joyce (and Dave) for yielding to God. Thank you for sacrificing your lives for others. Thank you for your boldness and confidence to share and show the world..especially me, God’s love. Thank you so much...
  • Do Yourself A Favor... Forgive

    By Sherri Vanderpool
    Wow, what an inspiration. This book changed ME, my thoughts and the rest of my life. It opened new doors for forgiveness. My daughter is married to a man who controls her, she is not allowed to see, visit or talk to me. I cannot see my Grandchildren at all. Before reading this book my heart was broken beyond words. I cried out to God daily to heal my heart. During my reading of this book, my heart changed and my healing of emotional wounds were set free from pain. I cannot describe it, but it was like God himself reached deep inside my heart and pulled out that painful emotion instantly. He himself set me free while reading this book. Thank you Joyce Meyer for writing this book.
  • Awesome book

    By D8280
    There is so much revelation in this book. Anyone who reads it will receive healing.
  • A Must Read

    By Twylamfisher
    I have to say that this is the best book I have ever read!! If I could make every person in my family read this I would!!
  • Forgiveness

    By Jean63
    I have just finished reading Joyce Meyers book on forgiveness. I to was raped by my step father at an early age. Though this rape a child was conceived. So when I read that Joyce had gone though the same thing I did but by her biology father I was glad that she did not conceive a child by him. You know it is bad enough to be raped but for a child to come out of it was very hard. I was very moved that Joyce's father asked for her forgiveness and gave his life to the Lord. I did not get that. He got really sick and helped by cooking meals that he liked but He never once said anything to me.He passed away two years ago. Sorry to have went on and on buy I got caught up in the moment. The book has helped me and I will continue to study and live by it until I get a breakthrough.
  • Forgive me, please

    By Amandafrank
    I am astonished to the amount of painful hurt that I didn't realize I was holding onto, until I read this book. I have always been a very angry person, quick to judge, torn down every relationship I have "built" up... Including my marriage which is now going through a divorce. I have since realized that I never had a real relationship with God, nor could I receive any of his gifts. I have a much better understanding of myself, the people around me, and my reactions and emotions. I now include God in everything I do, and am working on forgiving those who have hurt me in my past. And beg for forgiveness from those I have hurt. I only wish I could have found this book sooner!!