Amped - Daniel H. Wilson


By Daniel H. Wilson

  • Release Date: 2012-06-05
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
4 Score: 4 (From 346 Ratings)


Technology makes them superhuman. But mere mortals want them kept in their place. The New York Times bestselling author of Robopocalypse creates a stunning, near-future world where technology and humanity clash in surprising ways. The result? The perfect summer blockbuster.

As he did in Robopocalypse, Daniel Wilson masterfully envisions a frightening near-future world. In Amped, people are implanted with a device that makes them capable of superhuman feats. The powerful technology has profound consequences for society, and soon a set of laws is passed that restricts the abilities—and rights—of "amplified" humans. On the day that the Supreme Court passes the first of these laws, twenty-nine-year-old Owen Gray joins the ranks of a new persecuted underclass known as "amps." Owen is forced to go on the run, desperate to reach an outpost in Oklahoma where, it is rumored, a group of the most enhanced amps may be about to change the world—or destroy it.

Once again, Daniel H. Wilson's background as a scientist serves him well in this technologically savvy thriller that delivers first-rate entertainment, as Wilson takes the "what if" question in entirely unexpected directions. Fans of Robopocalypse are sure to be delighted, and legions of new fans will want to get "amped" this summer.


  • Great!

    By Instagramer 101
    A great book. Once you start you can't stop it only gets better as you read.
  • Wish I would have listened to all the other reviews

    By dudebro29
    Robopocalypse was fantastic. I'd give it 5 out of 5 stars. As soon as I finished it, I purchased Amped. The author has a PHD in robotics. Amped has no robots or AI in it. And his creative writing skills really feel amateur. It's something like the Twilight series. Except with really weak powers, terrible romance, and most importantly a main character who isn't interesting enough to carry his own book. Amped is boring, poorly written, and incredibly predictable. I haven't checked out his other books, and after reading this, I have no interest. In a few years I'll re-read Robopocalypse, and my adventure with this author will be finished.
  • Nice!

    By winerobsy
    I love the fact that there are a lot of things in this book that make sense, scientifically speaking. Definite page turner.
  • Amped

    By BJRSmith
    Enjoyed the story but wordy in places in great detail with no movement of story.
  • Good, not great writing

    By WLWEsq
    The book presents a question of interest to those of us with legal backgrounds: how should the law treat people who are cranially enhanced, for lack of a better term. I enjoyed thinking about the legal questions raised by the legal events noted in the book, but the book itself seemed...incomplete? I had a vague sense that the Why elements of the story were given short shrift. So, I felt a bit disappointed by the end. The final resolution of some plot lines felt unsatisfying, as if someone decided it was time to wrap things up so *bam* they are wrapped up. In all fairness, I doubt I could write a book this well, but my expectations were higher.
  • Shallow story

    By foldedcrow
    Cybernetic supermen meet the normals "Reggies" in a X-Men like storyline that left me disappointed. The story is shallow, linear and lacks interesting character development. Honestly I feel like I read this story in a comic book about 15 years ago. Spend your time and money on a better story. Sorry Mr. Wilson, but this book is flat monotone without amplification.
  • Great book

    By Xtrmdragon
    It was a very interesting read.
  • Great read

    By Nibstar5
    A fun, quick and exciting read!
  • Amped review

    By Dj dave35
    It was an action packed book that didn't dwell on soap opera love stories like other books. It's a short read but a very good one. I couldn't stop reading. This is our future!!!! Haha
  • Interesting subject

    By Cncjerry
    But poorly executed. The author became so mired in detail he lost sight of the plot.