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  • Love it!

    By luvgop
    I have the classic hard bounds and love the ability to have this one with me and can whip it out on my phone or iPad while in the store to check or confirm ingredients as I often change up a menu when I arrive at the grocers and discover they have something I'd not considered or out of something I needed. Excellent detail in every recipe will take you to that next stage in food preparation. If I could address an issue from one of the other posters who unfortunately gave a two star review because she/he lacked the ability to add own notes. If you touch a word with your finger, a small menu appears, giving the reader a choice from defining the word . . .to highlighting. There's even a little note that allows one to type in their own notes. I hope, considering that . . .the reviewer will revise their review as it's unfair to give a low review based on ignorance of how it works.
  • No Copying and Less

    By macinsetex
    Yes, this is her book. I certainly considered purchasing even though I own both volumes in hard cover. Without the ability to excerpt, I might as well keep the bound volume. Also, I can locate most of her recipes and techniques online and easily repurpose. One last comment concerning formatting the text to create a readable iPad like flow. The sample was a warning that this volume really hasn't been modified suitably for the iPad. In all, stellar work by a groundbreaking author. Unfortunately the limitations do not compel me to purchase the electronic version.
  • Bon App├ętit!

    By J.R.Ewing
    Simply put, the best cookbook ever written in in English. Cooking from this cookbook teaches the cook techniques of haute cuisine. As stated in the book's introduction, the difference between passable cooking and fine food is often subtle differences in techniques.
  • A classic on any stage

    By scibard
    Excellent rendition of a timeless classic. -- K. Lee Lerner, ed. Food: In Context. Cengage | Gale. 2011.