Crazy Love* - Francis Chan

Crazy Love*

By Francis Chan

  • Release Date: 2011-03-15
  • Genre: Christianity
3 Score: 3 (From 201 Ratings)


Dieu est amour. Un amour fou, irrésistible, bouleversant.
Quelque chose ne colle pas. C’est fou quand on y pense : le Dieu de l’univers – le Créateur de l’azote et des pommes de pin, des galaxies et de l’ADN – nous aime d’un amour irrésistible et inconditionnel ! Et nous... nous répondons à cet amour en allant à l’église, en chantant, en priant, et en faisant notre possible pour être des gens bien.
L’inadéquation de notre réponse saute aux yeux.
Ne ressentez-vous pas le besoin, au plus profond de vous-même, de vivre plus ? N’avez-vous pas soif d’expérimenter une foi authentique qui apporte des réponses tangibles, radicales, aux problèmes de nos contemporains ?
Dieu nous destine à une relation d’amour passionnée. Nous ne venons jamais à bout de la tiédeur spirituelle en appliquant une liste de choses à faire ou à ne pas faire. Non. La tiédeur capitule quand nous tombons éperdument amoureux de Dieu. 
Quand on aime à la folie, plus rien n’est comme avant.


  • lost money in french

    By justinwhi
    dont buy if you are not a native french speaker, iBooks needs a english version......
  • Crazy System

    By MaverickandMicah
    I don't know French. I want my money back. How do I do that?
  • <3

    By Laurelanne :)
    Je T'aime le crazy love! C'est magnifique!
  • !?!?!

    By Wenigers
    I hear this book is great!!! My mom dowloaded it onto her kindle Fire and is reading it... she says it's a great book. How God blesses us with such an awesome book!!! :)
  • this is not right

    By Josh sim21
    can somebody tell me why the book in english is so much more? this has to be a joke!
  • Glad I do read French!

    By anaandme
    I'm glad I can read French and so can (for whatever reason) save $10 while giving my slightly rusty French a workout a la fois (et sur la foi !) Sad to see low ratings for a mistake, though I understand the frustration (don't yet know why the main title is in English). A suggestion for those stuck with an unreadable book: peruse the pages looking for familiar-looking words that have come into English from French over the centuries to appreciate how much of our current language we owe to French (joy, humble, mystery, pure, journey -- and surely we recognize amour!)
  • John Daniels - do unto others...

    By CristieE
    John, You could have made your valid point that it is our own fault for not reading the description and not Apple's fault without the insult to those of us who made the error. Clearly you hadn't read this book yet.
  • Buyer beware this is not in English!

    By Dr Stephanie
    I was excited to start reading this ... And behold its not in English...why not???
  • Excellent book

    By VTA Surf
    This is an excellent book with the potential to light a fire in each person to go out and make a huge impact in the world. People have an inherent desire to be loved and accepted, and the inspiring stories that Francis shares make me want to leave an indelible mark on the people in my community. Please don't give this a one star rating just because you ordered it in the wrong language. Tweet a quote or two in Française and impress all your friends.
  • You people are not dumb

    By User jockey
    When you see the only option to buy this book and it's in French...I see why you would expect that it would be in English. The last guy that would call people dumb immediately I think does not know the definition of dumb. Apple needs to make things more clear like have a French flag icon next to the book. Instead of dumb...that would be smart.