Torment: A Novel of Dark Horror - Jeremy Robinson

Torment: A Novel of Dark Horror

By Jeremy Robinson

  • Release Date: 2010-11-22
  • Genre: Horror
3.5 Score: 3.5 (From 76 Ratings)


Jeremy Robinson’s first pulse-pounding horror novel (originally penned under his Jeremy Bishop pseudonym) is a horrific tale of post-apocalyptic terror that is one part zombie story and one part Dante’s Inferno. The story asks hard questions and generates strong emotions in everyone who reads it—anger, excitement, and most of all: FEAR. This book asks the question that everyone is afraid to answer: Are you ready?
Small town reporter, Mia Durante, finds herself having brunch with the President of the United States on the day civilization comes to an end. An electromagnetic pulse blinds America. Cars crash. Planes fall. Chaos reigns. Power is restored within minutes, but it’s already too late. Russian nukes are falling. U.S. allies around the world are all ready wiped out. The United States will cease to exist inside of five minutes.
After giving the order to launch a full-scale retaliation, dooming the planet, the President, White House staff, Secret Service and those lucky enough to be visiting the White House, are whisked below ground, where they board several Earth Escape Pods. As the EEPs launch into Earth orbit, missiles descend.
Less than forty survive the end of the world. When they return, they’re greeted by survivors of a different sort. The bloodbath that follows leaves Durante and nine other survivors on the run. They find themselves fighting for survival in a world in which only torment remains and where death is the only escape.


  • Great Book!

    By Boxzelda
    A very different take on zombies (which is good). Ending was a little bit of a surprise, but, I enjoyed it very much. Makes you think!! Thanks
  • My god...

    By Chef_Ninja
    Terrific book, terrific ending Mind...blown
  • Torment

    By tutankuamen
    The plot was terrific, and I loved the ending. But the mechanics of realism, and especially of timing, were so silly, it ruined the story.
  • Awesome

    By Werty:)
    This book is amazing I loved it
  • Is this still their world?

    By Kristinluvsheritouch
    I honestly enjoyed this book. End of the world stories always interest me if written well, but this ones different then soo many I've read. It has a theological twist I love. The end of the book isn't my favorite, but it is so well written. If you were facing your judgement day, what would be the last thing you'd ask, and would it be the right question? If not, your torment could last forever!
  • Amazing book!

    By Ethan Wichtendahl
    The first book I read on iBooks. It was well worth the price. Easy read but I literally couldn't put it down. I easily recommend this book and can't wait for his next book!
  • Awwww...

    By alysco2003
    Most zombie stories are full of hopelessness- I was truly looking for the "light at the end of the tunnel" in this book. When I got to the ending, it saddened me. The story was great it just didn't have the possibility of an ending to look forward to. Why can't the good guys EVER win? Thanks for a great read.
  • Torment...A Tale Of Dark Horror

    By Jaimi-Monica Gillespie-Figueroa
    Fantastic book! This was the first book I've read by this author & have been pleasantly surprised! I am a huge Stephen King fan & this book rates up there w/ his work. I can't wait to read more!
  • Good read

    By Todd4two
    I enjoyed the flow and story. Was a good book and am looking forward to more from this author. Well worth the price!!