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  • Venice sights

    By Arbeker
    I just bought this book and then deleted it because although the cover says "Venice Sights" the inside pages are a guide for Washington, D.C.! Don't buy until this is fixed. The sample view also is of Washington D.C.
  • Oops

    By Aldees 6271
    My copy of venice sights is details about Washington, D.C. How do I correct this? Only .99 but would still like to have my book
  • Venice Sights

    By Seasalt2
    Enjoyed the book very much! It gives enough history to make each place that much more interesting to want to see.
  • you will not require another guide

    By J. Norton
    Venice is a very crowded place to visit (I went in early April). On any given day 90% of the people are tourists, so most of the streets are filled with people who have no idea where they want to be but are trying to get there anyway. The water buses were as crowded but at least everyone knew where the boat was going. I used this ebook to learn about major attractions and what to look for. I had the most enjoyable time in Venice, but I wouldn't have had so many amazing experiences without this guide.