The Art of Insight - Charles Kiefer & Malcolm Constable

The Art of Insight

By Charles Kiefer & Malcolm Constable

  • Release Date: 2013-04-08
  • Genre: Public Administration


A practical guide to fostering innovative insights and solutions for yourself and your organization—including online skill-building exercises.

We have all experienced it: the jolt of an insight arriving like a thunderclap, unexpectedly and without warning. But what if insights could be accessed more reliably? Drawing on years of research, reflection, and experiences with colleagues, friends, and clients, Charles Kiefer and Malcolm Constable present a thorough, pragmatic approach for dependably generating fresh thoughts and perspectives.

The Art of Insight features helpful exercises both in the book and online. Readers will develop their own personal approach to cultivating insights, allowing them to solve long-standing problems with confidence and ease.

“Creating insights isn't a magical process—this book provides a practical framework for generating insights for yourself and your organization. We've used many of these techniques with our innovation teams and they work.” —Wayne Delker, Chief Innovation Officer and Senior Vice President, The Clorox Company