The Hunter from the Woods - Robert McCammon

The Hunter from the Woods

By Robert McCammon

  • Release Date: 2022-04-05
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
4 Score: 4 (From 10 Ratings)


The New York Times–bestselling author presents five paranormal adventures featuring the lycanthropic British spy introduced in The Wolf’s Hour.

Roaming the globe in a fight against Nazi Germany, shapeshifter Michael Gallatin stars in stories that are “tremendous fun as McCammon mashes 007 and the Wolfman in a League of Extraordinary Gentleman fashion” (SFcrowsnest).

“The Great White Way”

In 1927, the wife of the star wrestler in a Russian traveling circus suffers at her husband’s hand. She finds solace in the arms of the boy who cares for the animals, a young man whose true nature is yet to be revealed . . .

“The Man from London”

A British Secret Service operative follows rumors of a shapeshifter to a small Russian village. There, he comes face to face with someone who can be fashioned into a unique weapon. A man whose name is Mikhail Gallatinov.

“Sea Chase”

Arriving in Danzig, Michael Gallatin gets a job as a seaman. His mission: to infiltrate the crew. The ship harbors a weapons expert fleeing the Nazis, and the Germans will stop at nothing to halt his escape.
“The Wolf and the Eagle”
After their planes crash over the Libyan desert, Gallatin finds himself in the company of a German Messerschmitt ace. Together, they struggle to survive the heat, the scorpions, and a warlike tribe of scavengers . . .
“Death of a Hunter”
At forty-eight, Gallatin is no longer the man—or the wolf—he once was. But what he faces at the hands of deadly ninja warriors may be a fate worse than death . . .