If This Book Exists, You're in the Wrong Universe - Jason Pargin

If This Book Exists, You're in the Wrong Universe

By Jason Pargin

  • Release Date: 2022-10-18
  • Genre: Horror
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 106 Ratings)


New York Times bestselling author Jason Pargin’s hilarious and horrifying John Dies at the End series continues with If This Book Exists, You’re in the Wrong Universe.

"Pargin once again delights with scathing social commentary thinly disguised as an outrageous action novel...This is a feast."—Publishers Weekly

"Within the snarky humor is an incisive commentary on social media and the state of our connected world, and a story about trauma and how people lash out when they’re hurt...This isn’t just a funny tale of inept supernatural investigators; it’s a story of people struggling through pain to find a better path. Pargin offers us a welcome note of hope." — Booklist

If the broken neon signs, shuttered storefronts, and sub-standard housing didn’t tip you off, you’ve just wandered into the city of “Undisclosed”. You don’t want to be caught dead here, because odds are you just might find yourself rising from the grave. That hasn’t stopped tourists from visiting to check out the unusual phenomena that hangs around our town like radioactive fallout. Interdimensional parasites feeding on human hosts, paranormal cults worshipping demonic entities, vengeful teenage sorcerers, we’ve got it all.

Did I mention the possessed toy? It’s a plastic football-sized egg that’s supposed to hatch an adorable, colorful stuffed bird when a child “feeds” it through a synchronized smartphone app. What’s actually inside is an otherworldly monstrosity that’s enticing impressionable wayward youth into murdering folks and depositing their body parts inside the egg as if it’s a hungry piggy bank to trigger the end of the world.

That’s where Dave, John, and Amy come in. They face supernatural threats so the rest of us don’t have to—and sometimes even earn a couple of bucks to so do. But between the bloody ritual sacrifices and soul-crushing nightmares, our trio realizes this apocalypse is way above their pay grade.


  • Another Banger!

    By T $tevies
    Jason Pargin knocked it out of the park again! I’ve been a fan of his writings for the past 15 years, yet every time he releases something new it never ceases to blow me away. If you love absurd comedy juxtaposed with horrific cosmic horror and a healthy dash of real-world relatability, then do yourself a favor and read this book (and the other three preceding ones)!
  • Multiverse Of Mundanity

    By Curtyfresh
    Jason has somehow pulled all the disjointed craziness of the series thus far into a brilliantly realized narrative. I feel like the best serialized media makes that which came before better in retrospect; however I cannot overstate that the original vision for this stupidly insightful multiverse was instrumental in making this impressive feat of storytelling possible. Hats off to you, JP