Metal Oxide Nanoparticles, 2 Volume Set - Oliver Diwald & Thomas Berger

Metal Oxide Nanoparticles, 2 Volume Set

By Oliver Diwald & Thomas Berger

  • Release Date: 2021-09-10
  • Genre: Engineering


Metal Oxide Nanoparticles
A complete nanoparticle resource for chemists and industry professionals

Metal oxide nanoparticles are integral to a wide range of natural and technological processes—from mineral transformation to electronics. Additionally, the fields of engineering, electronics, energy technology, and electronics all utilize metal oxide nanoparticle powders. Metal Oxide Nanoparticles: Formation, Functional Properties, and Interfaces presents readers with the most relevant synthesis and formulation approaches for using metal oxide nanoparticles as functional materials. It covers common processing routes and the assessment of physical and chemical particle properties through comprehensive and complementary characterization methods.

This book will serve as an introduction to nanoparticle formulation, their interface chemistry and functional properties at the nanoscale. It will also act as an in-depth resource, sharing detailed information on advanced approaches to the physical, chemical, surface, and interface characterization of metal oxide nanoparticle powders and dispersions.
Addresses the application of metal oxide nanoparticles and its economic impactExamines particle synthesis, including the principles of selected bottom-up strategiesExplores nanoparticle formulation—a selection of processing and application routesDiscusses the significance of particle surfaces and interfaces on structure formation, stability and functional materials propertiesCovers metal oxide nanoparticle characterization at different length scales
With this valuable resource, academic researchers, industrial chemists, and PhD students can all gain insight into the synthesis, properties, and applications of metal oxide nanoparticles.