Learning Tableau 2020 - Joshua N. Milligan & Mustafa Kemal Gilor

Learning Tableau 2020

By Joshua N. Milligan & Mustafa Kemal Gilor

  • Release Date: 2020-08-31
  • Genre: Software


Gain a solid foundation to learn Tableau, and develop the skills and abilities required for an advanced mastery of the tool. Whether you're new to Tableau or have been using it years, you will benefit from this book.

Key Features
Explore the latest Tableau 2020 features and redefine business analytics for your firmUnderstand visualizing data and creating interactive dashboards to gain meaningful insightsLearn implementing effective data storytelling to redefine how your business leverages data and makes decisions
Book Description

Learning Tableau strengthens your command on Tableau fundamentals and builds on advanced topics.

The book starts by taking you through foundational principles of Tableau. We then demonstrate various types of connections and how to work with metadata. We teach you to use a wide variety of visualizations to analyze and communicate the data, and introduce you to calculations and parameters. We then take an in-depth look at level of detail (LOD) expressions and use them to solve complex data challenges. Up next, we show table calculations, how to extend and alter default visualizations, build an interactive dashboard, and master the art of telling stories with data.

This Tableau book will introduce you to visual statistical analytics capabilities, create different types of visualizations and dynamic dashboards for rich user experiences. We then move on to maps and geospatial visualization, and the new Data Model capabilities introduced in Tableau 2020.2. You will further use Tableau Prep's ability to clean and structure data and share the stories contained in your data.

By the end of this book, you will be proficient in implementing the powerful features of Tableau 2020 for decision-making.

What you will learn
Develop stunning visualizations to explain complex data with clarityExplore exciting new Data Model capabilitiesConnect to various data sources to bring all your data togetherLeverage Tableau Prep Builder's amazing capabilities for data cleaning and structuring Create and use calculations to solve problems and enrich the analyticsMaster advanced topics such as sets, LOD calculations, and much moreEnable smart decisions with data clustering, distribution, and forecastingShare your data stories to build a culture of trust and action
Who this book is for

This Tableau book is for anyone who wants to understand data. If you're new to Tableau, don't worry. This book will simplify Tableau for beginners to build on the foundations to help you understand how Tableau really works and then builds on that knowledge with practical examples before moving on to advanced techniques.

Having a bit of background with data will help, but you don't need to know scripting, SQL or database structures.