Be with Me - Lea Coll

Be with Me

By Lea Coll

  • Release Date: 2019-03-26
  • Genre: Contemporary
4 Score: 4 (From 284 Ratings)


I've been friends with Jack Perry since he protected me from a high school bully but I've always wanted more from the sexy firefighter.

 Now Jack's back in town to save his family's business and I won't miss another opportunity to make him mine. When Jack stops by my bakery, I notice he's filled out since high school and I can't resist his boyish smile and wink.

Too bad my high school bully is my new boss and he's determined to ruin everything.

I don't want Jack to protect me and I don't want to be his friend. But he's only in town temporarily and everyone always leaves.

It's time to show him I'm all grown up and all I want is for him to be with me.


  • Never gets to the point it seems

    By Toni Anderson
    The first four chapters of the book consists of repeated discussions of the vandalism at the marina. Why? This is a romance novel or at least it’s supposed to be and the most we get in the first four chapters is two characters who act as though they are in middle school. The female acts as though she’s never had any interaction with a person of the opposite sex whatsoever. I mean, she’s been friend me with this guy for years through primary school and she freaking says that he has never touched her and she later says that he hugs her for the first time. How are you life long friends with anybody without a hug let along NO physical contact. There is a dream there that tries to get with the romance part of it but it’s a dream... The female character acts as though she’d have a heart attack of someone stood next to her and said boo. Come on...
  • It’s ok

    By okfeline
    It’s alright. I definitely want to yell at the main girl the entire book for how stupid she is, but other than that it was decent.
  • A bit confusing.

    By OFWGKTA ✌️
    I was into the concept of the book from the synopsis, but upon reading the first chapter and half of the second one, I felt like I was literally dropped in the middle of the book. There was little to no explanation or background surrounding the characters and it was mildly frustrating trying to figure it out or wait until it was explained. Not saying this book is bad, the writing is good and the grammar is good, it’s just not my cup of tea and could benefit from some insight and background.