Quick Start Guide to Carnivory + 21 Day Carnivore Diet Meal Plan - Jessica Haggard

Quick Start Guide to Carnivory + 21 Day Carnivore Diet Meal Plan

By Jessica Haggard

  • Release Date: 2019-07-31
  • Genre: Specific Ingredients


This quick start guide to carnivory will walk you through the beginning steps of a carnivore diet so you can quickly and effectively gain dietary confidence, feel satiated, and reach your health goals.

The carnivore diet meal plan contains 3 weeks of delicious, nutrient-dense meals made exclusively from the essential ingredients for human health: animal protein and fats. Each week is detailed with a shopping list, meal plan, recipes (all with a complete macronutrient profile), substitution alternatives, and shopping tips.

You will move from a selection of meat, eggs, and dairy, to meat and eggs, and finally to all meat. This will be an excellent learning experience so you can know exactly how your body responds to different ingredients and train yourself to only eat the food that fuels you best with long-lasting energy, stable blood sugar, and a no-bloat belly.

Learn how to lose fat (and keep it off!), improve mood, treat autoimmune conditions, enhance cognition and focus, boost fertility, end emotional eating, heal from nutrient deficient vegan and vegetarian diets, and MORE with a zero-carb, carnivore diet.

Enjoy the wide variety of animals, cuts, and combinations with an introduction to nose-to-tail eating – so many ideas, you will never be bored! Meal prepping is made ultra-easy with many 10-minute meals, crockpot meals, and practical bulk prep ideas. You will maximize your nutrition while spending minimal time in the kitchen.

Get started and see the profound impact it can make in your life right now!