Strike the Blood, Vol. 14 (light novel) - Gakuto Mikumo & Manyako

Strike the Blood, Vol. 14 (light novel)

By Gakuto Mikumo & Manyako

  • Release Date: 2020-01-21
  • Genre: Adventure


It's not easy being popular...
In the wake of the destruction caused by the Roses of Tartarus, reconstruction begins on Itogami Island. The people laud Asagi Aiba as their savior, and she's even become something of a local idol. But her boom in popularity is actually a conspiracy by the Gigafloat Management Corporation to cover up the fact that she's being held captive! Catching wind of this, Kojou and Yukina rush to her rescue. But of the many challenges that stand in their way, the biggest seems to be a certain development in Yukina's body...