Tavern of the Trickster. - Angel Velasco & César A. Cárdenas

Tavern of the Trickster.

By Angel Velasco & César A. Cárdenas

  • Release Date: 2019-06-07
  • Genre: Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables


The Spanish folk-legend of Don Juan is still traditionally performed in Spain as a perennial classic coinciding with All Saint's Day. This musical novella, Tavern of the Trickster, uses it as background to bring a pop version of the story. The arrival of an Old Gentleman to the port of Sevilla in 1598 and the news of the arranged marrige of the Duke of Eboli’s daughter are the trigger for the encounter of all of our characters in the famous Tavern of the Trickster. Inside the Tavern, the young Duchess, acompanied by her assistant Guy, will try to enjoy her last night of freedom. Guided by Scholar, the handsome rogue leader of the students, Duchess will learn many things: dance, laughter, love and even jealousy with the taverner’s niece, Elena. Through the owner of the tavern, our characters will also learn about the ancient history of the Tavern of the Trickster, the Old Gentleman's secret, and the connection between the two Taverns. All 25 memorable songs included in the ebook will leave you with a lasting impression, and you’ll learn that love, music, and humor transcend souls, time, and places.