Windows 10 - Geoff Adams

Windows 10

By Geoff Adams

  • Release Date: 2019-05-10
  • Genre: Operating Systems



You may be considering upgrading to Windows 10 or perhaps you already have it. 
Either way, the majority of Windows 10 users don’t realize how amazing this operating system can be and how many different features it has that will completely change the way you navigate the internet and interact with your PC. 
However, it can be overwhelming reading through hundreds of pages in the Windows manual that, unless you’re an IT professional, can seem like it’s written in an alien language, not to mention a pretty dull read. That’s why I wrote this book which explains the main key features of Windows 10, how to use them, and how to overcome many common issues. 
In this book, all the jargon and computer-speak has been left to one side to give you a complete guide to using Windows 10 in plain English.
Inside, you will discover how to use the many different features of Windows 10 effectively, and at the completion of this book you'll be navigating the Windows Operating System like a pro! 
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