Seducing Her Vikings - Skye MacKinnon

Seducing Her Vikings

By Skye MacKinnon

  • Release Date: 2019-05-14
  • Genre: Historical


There were four men in my mind. Two in the past, two in the present. How was a girl supposed to think like that?

Being stuck in the past is the least of Lainie's worries. Hjalmar is missing, lost in time, and there's no way she can bring him back on her own. To survive the harsh reality of Viking life, she'll have to make new friends... but what if some of them want to be more than just friends?

A time travel reverse harem full of action, intrigue and hot Vikings. Part of the Time Travel Academy world.

This is a serial split into five episodes, perfect for sweetening your lunch break or as a quickie before bedtime. Episodes will be released every two weeks.