Reign of Mist - D.G. Swank

Reign of Mist

By D.G. Swank

  • Release Date: 2019-07-02
  • Genre: Romance


Book two in the Book of Sindal series.

Rowan might be the firstborn of the Whelan sisters, but her magic is far from first class. Outshone by her younger sisters’ rare and powerful gifts hasn’t been easy, but she has always taken her position as leader of their family seriously. Even more seriously when her sisters are endangered and they lose—yet again—the Book of Sindal, a magical tome of evil spells and incantations their small coven of three has been tasked to protect.

When the Dark Set, a group of mages determined to take over the magical community comes for Rowan, she turns to an unexpected and very human source. Local cop Logan Gillespie might not be a mage, but he’s not to be underestimated.

The question is why Rowan? As the weakest witch, she shouldn’t be of interest to the Dark Set. Yet they’re sure she’s the secret to unlocking the power of the book.  

Can she convince them they’re wrong? She has to find a way because the lives of her sisters, Logan, and possibly the world depend on it.


  • Hells bells!!

    By Laura-01
    This book is such a thriller. Book 2 of this series is such a captivating book!! I absolutely love Rowan’s POV. I was literally on the edge of my seat while reading this series. It really is a all-consuming, and spellbinding series. So many questions were answered in this book. I was literally SWOONING over my new book boyfriend y’all. You gotta meet this hot guy!!
  • Fantastic second installment!

    By ML27
    Reign of Mist is the second in the captivating new Book of Sindal Series. Rowan is the oldest of the three Whelan sisters, whose family has been charged with guarding the magical Book of Sindal for generations. Being the oldest has its challenges, but Rowan is not easily intimidated. That’s a good thing because in this installment she is truly put to the test. And can she really trust Officer Logan Gillespie to understand the complexity of her situation? The bonds of sisterhood are challenged and shocking secrets are unveiled as the Whelan sisters seeks to fulfill their responsibility to protect the Powerful Book of Sindal. DG Swank and Alessandra Thomas masterfully spin an intricate web of magic, action, and suspense that leave the reader eagerly awaiting Book Three and Celestes story!