The Hot Cowboy - Alexa Davis

The Hot Cowboy

By Alexa Davis

  • Release Date: 2018-12-16
  • Genre: Western
4 Score: 4 (From 342 Ratings)


Rachel has just finished her junior year of university and is looking for an internship to help her prove her worth in her veterinary program. Daniel is just starting to take over the business of running his family's ranch and could use a little more support with the animals Thanks to a university professor that connects the two of them, Rachel is spending her summer interning on the ranch.

While we all come with our baggage, Rachel comes with more than most, saddled with severe anxiety related to a car accident that occurred a couple years ago. Due to the scars that canvas her body, she feels less than whole, and needs someone to help her see the incredible person she really is. And Daniel believes he is the man for the job. 

While plenty of people try to get in their way, their core family and friends are cheering them on. Will they make the most of things and start their life together?


  • Premise makes no sense

    By ANewListener
    Author clearly doesn’t understand how veterinary programs (post-grad professional programs) work. Better yet, the author seems to now know how universities and farms work. The book is impossible to enjoy with these glaring misrepresentations. It is also clear that very little research was done. There are plenty of times land management systems were inaccurately or over-described when a descriptive but technically accurate term is available (rotational grazing for example). Highly disappointing.
  • The Hot Cowboy

    By send review 2
    Rather disjointed. Reminded me of a first draft. A lot of grammar mistakes - words left out of incomplete or used incorrectly. Example: uses “reigns” (ruling a kingdom) instead of “reins” (attached to bridle to control a horse). Couldn’t finish. Too annoying.
  • Grammatical errors abound

    By Jimaam
    As another review said, an editor is needed. There are frequent grammatical errors.
  • Needs an editor

    By Kcdances
    I really enjoyed the writing, but the author needs an editor. I loved the story too, but the jump to the characters being in love wasn’t totally believable to me.