The Vampire & Werewolf Chronicles Box Set - Chrissy Peebles

The Vampire & Werewolf Chronicles Box Set

By Chrissy Peebles

  • Release Date: 2018-12-01
  • Genre: Fantasy


Book 1, The Alpha, hit the USA TODAY bestseller's list in 2017.

Book 1: Logan is a werewolf tormented by his past and a need for revenge. The Falcar, half demon and half vampire, destroyed his life when they killed his entire pack. He's the last royal prince werewolf, and the Falcar were determined to end his bloodline once and for all. Logan goes on a mission to find the Falcar and destroy them forever. When he meets an Ankh witch named, Sophia, his world is turned upside down. Can she save Logan from himself?

Book 2: Thousands of years ago, Ankh witches were created to destroy Falcar vampires. The ancient group of evil vampires finally triumphed eighteen years ago and wiped out the Ankh bloodline forever and rejoiced in their victory. Little did they know, a baby girl was smuggled out and hidden in the human world. 

When Sophie turns eighteen, she is clueless to her secret heritage. Alone and afraid, Sophie can't explain the flickering lights and exploding glasses, but she knows something isn't right. Little does she know that she's now a beacon to all supernatural creatures and leaves a magical signature wherever she goes. 

When the Falcars learn that Sophie exists, they are determined to end her bloodline once and for all. After an attempt on her life, she joins forces with a gang of supernatural beings and works with them to stop the Falcars from wiping out every immortal on the planet. 

Book 3: Logan and Sophia dig deeper to find the Falcars that plan on destroying the entire immortal race. Sophie struggles to accept the supernatural world around her while Logan fights to put his life back together. Sophia can no longer deny the attraction between the two of them, but realizes she must stay focused on her training and taking down her enemy.

Included in this box set are:
1. The Alpha
2. Love & Faith
3. Lost Souls