Arynn's Chosen Mate - Elle Boon

Arynn's Chosen Mate

By Elle Boon

  • Release Date: 2018-04-12
  • Genre: Fairy Tales, Myths & Fables
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 28 Ratings)


Arynn's Chosen Mate, Iron Wolves Book 8

They say blood is thicker than water, but a bond that's chosen is stronger than steel. Nothing and nobody can sever those that are forged between ones chosen family.

They say love hurts. For a shifter who thinks he's lost it all, it's more than just a saying, it's a reality. When Arynn is finally reunited with his daughter and finds the one woman created just for him, he swears love does hurt, but it's a feeling he would give his life to experience.

Family is supposed to love and cherish one another. Sheila never had that growing up. When she became a mother of not just her own child, but her twin sister's as well, she vows to love them like she'd never been.

When you find love that's worth fighting for, you grab it and hold on tight. Families don't always have to be blood, sometimes ones that are chosen are even more special as they are forged in love, instead of duty.

Can Arynn and Sheila along with their two girls finally find peace as a family, or will the darkness from their past destroy the goodness they're creating?

Warning: Contains a sexy hero who feels EVERYTHING and a heroine who loves him even more. Lots of growly men, a crazy Fey Queen and her wolpires. Oh and HELLBOY. #DONTLOOKDOWN


  • Recommended

    By Anaxkolasi
    I really enjoyed Arynn and Sheila’s story. There was a lot going on with the Dark Fae in this one. Sheila calls Arynn after 12 years because something is going on with the daughter he never got to know. He goes to them immediately and he finds them in need of some help so they all go back to the Iron Wolves. It was very sweet the way Arynn was with both girls and Sheila. I also enjoyed the fact that Jenna, Damien, Lucas, Lula and Creed came to help. Of course there were a lot of Iron Wolves coming and going as well. I would recommend you read this series and anything by Elle Boon really. I have enjoyed everything I have read by her.
  • Loved Arynn’s Chosen Mate

    By LRH1022
    Wow, totally loved this book!! Had a few twists I so didn’t see coming, and it was awesome. This has quickly become one of my favorite of Elle Boon’s books. I swear there are a couple of characters I wanted to reach in the book and smack, others I wanted to hug!! Will absolutely need to read again!!
  • Spectacular, Fantastic, Must Read

    By Acworth Von
    Arynn's Chosen Mate: Bad Alpha Dads Iron Wolves MC Book 8 by Elle Boon ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Excuse me while I pour out my feelings for a minute, I absolutely love the world of Iron Wolves that Elle Boon has created and every single one of her characters is so captivating, exciting and fantastic. OMG! She can put in so much humor and blazing hot scenes into each book with warmth and romance plus she still manages to insert the magical elements with satisfying human conflicts. The Iron Wolves MC Book 8 is a phenomenal read, but Elle has written a world-building story that is more Fantastic its so awesome I think it should be found in Paranormal and Fantasy genre her books fits both. This series is awesome for both Fantasy and Paranormal readers that likes to put a toe into the mystery pool, but I would urge any reader to give this series a try. Reading these books will make you feel like a great coming home to good friends and family and I am always excited about every visit Elle can give us. All the characters are wonderful, exciting and lovable, what I enjoy about them is that their best trait is that you can relate to them so easily. Readers can understand what Arynn is feeling about Sheila actions that makes them so believable with the ring truth. I enjoy the relationship that Sheila has with her daughters and how each one has their own individual strengths. I am happy to see the development between Arynn and his daughters and I enjoyed learning more about Arynn powers as well. Sheila also come into her powers, but I like that she also receives some much-needed knowledge and understanding as well about her mother and twin sister. Their mate bond is finally free but I understand how emotional this can be , but they are still strong at the end. Now on to my most favorite fey Jenna. She is still a bad*ss Fey now her babies are sure to make for an exciting story to tell. Now I really really enjoyed the mythological aspects of this book and appreciated the depth that it brought to Iron Wolves MC magical community. The twist with Arynn and Sheila is incorporated so well and I liked the way the story brings the relationship between Jenna and her mates into the story. There is drama, mystery and suspense. But the laughter and tension is still high until the end and I enjoyed every moment as their relationship unfolds. I enjoyed Lula and I know she is going to become a force to be reckoned with and I cannot wait to watch her get there. I don't know how many more books Elle is going to write in this series, but I’m so keeping my fingers crossed that we end up getting a lot more in this series. But I will end this review with this Elle Boon Books have brought more laughter and joy into my life. I realize that this Fantasy but I will encourage you that if you need some Laughter and fun to take your mind off things that you can't control, pick this book Arynn's Chosen Mate: Bad Alpha Dads, Iron Wolves MC Book 8 for few hours of laughter and joy to escape even if for a little while. As the saying goes a Laugh or two a day will give you a long and happy life. Thanks to Elle Boon for bringing such LAUGHTER AND JOY INTO MY LIFE with a book. This is a phenomenal read and I highly recommend it!