The Swirl Resort Swinger's Vacation Slippery Swingers - Olivia Hampshire

The Swirl Resort Swinger's Vacation Slippery Swingers

By Olivia Hampshire

  • Release Date: 2018-01-22
  • Genre: Latin America


Swinging, Swapping, Cheating and More.

Paige Griffin met her Husband while in college. He was only the third man she had ever slept with in her life. Paige was from a wealthy family, a wealthy, well known, conservative family. Chuck, Paige's husband fit right into the family knit being a professional in a large successful firm.

All was going well until Chuck got busted banging his secretary in the office. Actually Paige was the one that busted them.

Chuck could just here the divorce bells ringing at the time, but to his surprise, Paige wasn't upset about the infidelity, Paige was upset because Chuck didn't tell her about the exciting details of the affair. Something about Chuck being with another woman really turned her on. That's when Paige suggested they take their relationship to a whole other level.

That's when Paige found the most expensive swinger's resort in the world, The Swirl Resort, located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

For Paige, at the Swirl Resort, satisfaction began immediately, but there were unexpected surprises beyond her belief that were yet to come.